Pre-writing Stages of Mina

I’m in the pre-writing stages of Mina, the working Title of my newest work in progress. Now Mina may or may not be the published title of this book as I’ll most likely rename later, but for the moment I can’t think of a better name. Also, when looking through my “What I want to publish in the next few years” schedule, I realized that Mina is one of those that I can’t fit into the schedule until about October 2017 when I can start the other books in the series. So why am I writing it now?

Because it’s one of those stories that won’t leave me alone. That has been torturing me with quick flashes of what is to happen in the book for the last  four years. I figure it’s time to start it, even if I have to wait to publish it. I am ahead of my writing schedule right now. 😀

So what are the pre-writing stages of a book for me? Well…

  1. It starts with a premise of the book, followed by a short summary. Mina’s basic premise is “What if an angel and demon fell in love?” Yeah, I know, it’s been done before and in some cases done to death. What makes Mina different? For starters the genre isn’t paranormal romance. I decided that I liked a more SciFi Romance feel with a dose of Fantasy and angelic/demonic mythology.
  2. Then I figure in the location, time period, and some history of the people. Mina’s is pre-flood Earth, the actual location isn’t too big a factor. The big factor is the people’s history, mostly that Earth is a prison planet and the Angels and Demons on the offspring of the prisoners sent here.
  3. Next, I outline the story. Using a beat sheet, wet-erase markers, and blank pages in sheet protectors, I start to go through a step by step process of action and reaction, from start to finish. The information can be as basic as “Mina rescues Cynel” or as complex as a 2,000 word scene with dialogue.
  4. Then I go back over it looking for holes. After I finish the outline, I go back through my notes looking for holes in the main plot, places where I need to add scenes or take them away, and places where subplots would work, any foreshadowing, and notes of things to remember as I write a scene.
  5. Lastly, I type it all into a blank Word document and print it out. I do this for two reasons: 1) I can go over it again and make note; and 2) if I have time to write, I can handwrite the next scene at any time (in the car while hubby is driving, at the park while the kids are playing, or in the library during story time)  or make notes on the page of things I think should happen.

Right now I’m at the type my notes into the Word document stage of Pre-writing Mina. It’s taking me a little longer than planned, but that’s more to do with it being Summer and the kids being here than not knowing where the story is headed. Next I’m start my writing process.

2 thoughts on “Pre-writing Stages of Mina

    • I usually know the start and the end of the book before I start to plan it. But I don’t always write to that end I image. Sometimes the book ends before it, after it, or changes completely before I get there. Keeping Mhairi ended sometime after the planned ending. The end of Loving Khyrsolia changed completely, Loving the Goddess of Love ended exactly as I planned it.

      As long as I keep the planning basic, I’m not so frustrated when I don’t follow my plan exactly. 😀


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