Changes and What I’m Writing Next

Now that Death’s Lover is finished, except for the editing part, I’m looking at starting my next book. It’s important to me and far easier to start the next story before the last one is finished and I’m still in writing mode. 😀

Last week I decided it was time to finish up some trilogies have hand sitting on my shelf and shifted my release schedule around a bit to accommodate that. I’m starting with The Shaa’Madr Trilogy, next I’ll finish up The Sharli Trilogy.

So over the weekend I’ve been plotting and outlining two of the books. The first is Khyrsolia, which isn’t part of The Shaa’Madr Trilogy but a prelude story, and I have planned out for the most part. I’ve been typing the plot into the main document and writing what comes to mind as I do. The second is Claiming Kanra, book 2 in the trilogy, which is more planning as I didn’t know until last week that I was going to have the main characters Keiwan and Kanra. I haven’t figured out Book 3 yet and probably won’t have much more than an idea of the overreaching Trilogy plot until after Claiming Kanra is written.

Anyways, as I was working on Khyrsolia last night, things turned interesting. There are parts of the story that needs to be told but I’d like to do in 75,000 words or less and not feel like I’m leaping from time frame to time frame. Also, working on the love triangle that was set up in Loving Khyrsolia and developing it in a way that doesn’t make it feel like a soap opera or end in a threesome, neither of which I am not interested in writing. And then make it fit the romance genre with the happy-ever-after, which the prelude doesn’t have, and if you’ve read the first book you know why.

Well as I was working through some of the plot points I started to think that the prelude wasn’t necessary to the Trilogy and if anything it will cause more than a few complications and problems, which has left me thinking that I shouldn’t write it. Add that the series doesn’t seem to be that great a seller and I’m wondering why I’m even bothering. It would be far easier to layer the needed information through the three books.

So what do I do with the 20,000 words I have so far?

I could trash it. But I hate wasting good words and plot points, as my foray into my old manuscripts is proving. I could add it to my already extensive idea fragment files. Not really something I’m looking forward to doing because I have files upon files of those. Or I could use it in another story that I’ve been dying to tell.


The story fits with Mina’s book, although it needs some tweaking, scene rearranging, character development, and re-plotting to fit the story I have in mind. This book is still a prelude to the series that will follow. A paranormal romance about the child born of an angel mother and a demon father.

The premise of Mina is: What happens when an angel and demon meet and fall in love? What will they risk for that love?

And here’s a little history behind the story: Angels and Demons are fighting a war for dominion over the Earth, and using humans to increase their power. While traditional mythology has angels good and demons (fallen angels) bad. In this story there is no real good or bad side. Angels aren’t purely good and demons aren’t purely evil. As in life, there are all shades of gray.

By ancient decree, Angels and Demons aren’t supposed to mingle and Mina is well aware of the repercussions of those who break the laws. She’s one of the hunters that track down those who break the law and return them for punishment. And yet when she sees Cynel, she feels her cold heart warm and desire burn through her. She knows that she will risk it all for him.

A prisoner of war, the angels around Cynel seem to delight in torturing him to see just how much pain a demon can handle. While a bit of a rebel even among demons, Cynel is by no means normal, so when he finds himself attracted to one of the hated Angels he’s pretty sure he’s finally reached Hell. When the Angel takes pity on him and helps him escape, he’s wondering what new torment have the angels in store for him.