What I’ve been Doing & What you can Expect

The last two weeks have been uber-busy for the ranch with a series of problems with equipment, the weather (mostly raining and cold), lining up our schedules with others (mainly for the deliver of fertilizer, and the guy who helps us brand and move cows from the Home Place to the Other Place), fixing fences before we move the cows, spreading the fertilizer, getting the bulls tested for diseases, ditching and cleaning ditches, and dragging the meadow (basically running a very large rake over the ground to break up the cow turds for more fertilizer).

Hubby ended up taking a week off from work so we could get most of it done. We managed everything expect the building of dams and digging out some of the ditches. This weekends projects?

But what this means for me in the book cover design and writing business? A lighter load for a while. It means I was damn lucky to finish the writing Death’s Lover, edit it, and send it off to Beta Readers before June 1st. It also means early rising to get what I need to do on the cover designs done. And I have my week to two weeks I usually take to relax, clean the house I’ve been neglecting for the last month, and start hashing out plotting ideas for my next story in my head before I spend a day outlining my next story.

Death’s Lover: Book 3 of the Children of Khaos Series

Anyhoo, since I’ve finished my edits for Death’s Lover last week and sent it off for the Beta Reader test of pass or fail, I have some time to wait before I get the feedback and make the needed corrections.

Around mid-July, if not before, it goes to my new proofreader for corrections. My proofreader is someone I’m acquainted with and was recommended by a long-time writing friend that I trust. She’s hoping to have it back to me within two weeks. It was the soonest I could manage with little notice that I gave her. 😀

Death’s Lover won’t have an editor–other than Beta Readers–as my editor that’s looked over my last two books is no longer in business and I’m still looking for another. As well as some other people to fill out my editing team. Which reminds me, if anyone has suggestions or wants to be a beta reader, you can contact me and I’ll add you to the list of potentials. I’ll also added your name to my acknowledgements page and if you want a signed book I’ll send you one free of charge.

After another round of revisions to polish Death’s Lover up, I expect to have it out anywhere from July 30th to August 20th. I’ll keep you posted as a more set date appears.

Books 2 and 3 of The Shaa’Madr Trilogy

I’ve decided that I really want to finish up The Shaa’Madr Trilogy this next year. So I have spent the last month trying to hash out plot points, series arcs, etc. for the books and I’ve hit a road block. The series was going to feature Khyrsolia and Tyros as the main characters, but because I didn’t plan out the Trilogy before I wrote and published book one beyond “I’d like to have two more books,” I completed the relationship arc for the couple. Now if I’d thought this through I would have drawn out that romance through all three books.

Yesterday, (as I was dragging the East meadow) I realized I was going about it wrong. Talk about subconscious not giving me a clue during the last month that I’ve been trying to figure this all out. It would have been nice to know ahead of time. 😦

Although being stuck on what to do with book 2 (Claiming Khyrsolia) and book 3 (Saving Khyrsolia) should have clued me in earlier that something was wrong. I can usually have a book summary figured out and written in a day. It’s the actual writing around everything else that I need to do (ranch, yard work, housework, meals, and exercise) and want to do (spend time with hubby and kids, work on the needlepoint, and read) that takes time.

And rather than plow my way through the planning, I should have stopped to explore the reasons behind why I wasn’t keen to write the books and having trouble plotting them.

After I realized yesterday that I had nothing more to say about Khyrsolia and Tyros, I started to think of the other characters in the book and who I could write about. That’s when a single character popped out at me. The nameless man Khyrsolia meets before Tyros comes to save her. As I thought of the characters and who best to pair him with, the pregnant witch came to mind.

He’s in the bad guy camp and she’s in the good guy camp. Perfect conflict. Now to throw them together and add some external conflict. 😀

Prelude to The Shaa’Madr Trilogy: Khyrsolia

Since it will take some time to plot out book 2 of the Trilogy, Claiming Kanra, I’m going to work on the book that I have half-plotted out, Khyrsolia. The book is about 15,000 words into the story and it was going to be part one of three short stories. Instead I’m make it the prelude to the series. I just need to add the other two characters point of view and plot out the end that puts Khyrsolia in the prison Tharsos took her from in the beginning of Loving Khyrsolia. 😀