Taking a Moment to Say Hello. Hello!

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted here and I promise there’s a good reason for it. Really, there is. 😀

I’ve been holed up in my room of writing inspiration, or the “Writing Cave” as my kids dub it and the “Dungeon” as my hubby named it, which is really just my bedroom/Office. This is the place where I play Goddess Creator of the Universe my imaginary worlds.

Here’s my Office, although it’s changed a bit since last year.

And as I’m nearing the end of Death’s Lover, I’ve started to forget about the world outside my little office. It’s probably a good thing my co-author Ruth is there to snap me out of my obsession long enough to work on The Rancher’s Wife and His Brother’s Wife….

Oh! Oh! I just got a flash of the next scene for Death’s Lover. Got to go. Need to write…Must write…