2 New Covers + What I’m Working On

Sometimes I think I have so many projects going on at the same time that it’s surprising that I’m able to get anywhere on any of them. But it wouldn’t be fun without a challenge. 😀

Death’s Lover: Book 3 of the Children of Khaos Series
(fantasy romance novel)

This is my priority project right now. It even takes precedence over client work. Something that I’ve been downsizing lately to meet my personal goals.

Due to sickness in the family the last two weeks I’ve lost some days of work on this book. So far I’ve been able to average about 1,500 words a day on Death’s Lover and roughly 7,000-8,000 words a week for the past two weeks. Because I’ve missed my targeted word count goal, I’m going to miss my personal deadline by a few days.


Looking at my outline today, I figure I’m about 15,000 words from the end of this story. *cross my fingers* But that’s only if I keep all the scenes in my outline. There are two I’m debating the merit of having in there and another that I think I can combine with another scene. That will put me at the 75,000 word mark for this story, except I know that I have to remove a scene in the Prologue that is more than likely going into Beloved Kora (this will either be the next book in the series or the one after Medusa’s story. Still debating two title for Medusa’s story).

I have this book slotted for a July 2014 release date and I’m pushing hard to make it. Which is why I’ve slowed down on my design projects.

The Rancher’s Wife: Book 2 of the Wild Hearts Series
(historical western romance)

I’m proud to reveal the cover for The Rancher’s Wife. It’s been slow working on it, but I figured that if I didn’t push myself to finish it, the book was going to be done before it was.

The writing progress of The Rancher’s Wife has been steady. We hit 26,000+ words yesterday and it doesn’t look to be slowing yet. Abby and Thayne have been getting along famously and Abby got her first kiss. She’s hoping for more. *hint…hint*

Anyway, The Rancher’s Wife is slotted to be finished in August, although I wouldn’t be shocked if it’s done before then. Ruth and I have a release date of February 2015 for this book.

His Brother’s Wife
(standalone historical romance novel)

His Brother’s Wife isn’t as easy to write as The Rancher’s Wife has been. I think much of this is that the book was first devised as an erotic romance thriller (under a fellow writer’s pen name which was later abandoned) and changed to a romantic suspense (under Ruth Ann Nordin, and later abandoned because she wasn’t interested in writing a contemporary). It’s final carnation came about when I asked her why she didn’t make it a historical western romance.

Now why I like the idea behind the original premise, too much of it was too modern and impossible for the story. So Ruth and I have had to do a little more research to find ways to make some of it work for the time period and figure out other ways to replace what just can’t be done.

We’re stilling doing good at 23,000+ words as of last week.

Mina: Prelude to The Phoenyx Cyn Series
(paranormal romance novel)

I promised myself that I wouldn’t start anything new until I finished the old and that next time I planned to write a trilogy or series that has a distinct order they must be read in, I would plan it and write the whole thing before publishing it. *uncontrollable chortling* Yeah, not going to happen.

I’m tired of fighting the urge to write The Phoenyx Cyn Series. It’s been eating away at me for years, begging me to write it, and I think it’s time for me to start it. Even if that’s all I do.

This is the temporary cover for Mina, the Prelude to The Phoenyx Cyn Series. Why is it a prelude and not book 1? Well very simply, the story is a very long prologue to what happened and why in the far past. This prologue could be written in the form of a recollection here and there, but in order to get a handle on the character of Mina Cyn I wanted to write her story.

I have no projected finish date or even when it will be published, just that it’s one that I’ll write when I have time here and there. 😀

Website Design Redesigns

First, I’m helping a fellow writer revamp her website. She wanted to use a theme that most closely resembled her blog so she chose to upload wordpress.org on her hosting site. Between the two of use we’ve done quite a bit work to get her 40+ books up. Now I just need to finish her banners and Where to Buy her Books page.

Second, I’m still working on my plan for the redesign of this site. I thought I would do some pages a certain way, only I hated how they looked, so I’m rethinking it all. When I redesign a website I do a lot of sketching on paper to know how I want pages to look so it’s quick when I finally start working on it. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas about what they want to see on my blog and what they’d wish I’d trash, let me know in the comments.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!