Goals & Deciding What to Focus On

Winter is coming to an end and with it most of the time I have to work on my writing and my book design businesses. Saturday-Monday will soon be devoted to Ranch work. My kids will be home for Summer Break in June until sometime in August or September, which means a haphazard work schedule that once more revolves around the kids. So I have to make a decision on what to focus most of my energy and time on.

This means its time to pull out my business plans and goals and look at what I can realistically accomplish in the next year, 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years. I means I have to take a hard look at my business opportunities, finances, products, and see which ones have the most chance at success.

Top 2 Goals

For the last 2 years I’ve had two goals in my business.

1. Design more book covers

2. Write 4-6 books a year and publish them.

As of this month I have 5 years in which to make my dream a reality, which means both business need to pay their bills and provide enough of a salary to help support my family for that time when my husband retires to work the Ranch. Knowing it is so close makes things a little more stressful than I like.

What I Learned this Weekend

So I took a look at my business plan and goals and I thought I might drop the book designing side of my business to focus solely on my writing, but after looking over my accounts for the last two years, and inventory for both businesses (both selling and not quite finished), I realized that isn’t an option at this time.

But there are other options that I’ve taken to lessen my workload. Namely, no more social media, forums, and blog subscriptions that I don’t read or very rarely read. Scheduling Sundays for housework and Mondays to work on certain business related tasks. Working through my writing and designing routines rather than scheduling times. And lastly, only reading a book for relaxation at night and never in the morning, otherwise I get nothing accomplished.

What I will be Focusing On

Writing! Sales are picking up and now that I’ve branched out into Historical Romance it’s doing even better. And since writing is one of my main goals in life and something that makes me happy, it’s what I’m going to focus on the most, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t still be designing books. What I will be doing is:

1) Limiting myself to designing one cover a week. Possibly more if they don’t take too long.

2) Publishing 1 books this year. Death’s Lover will be published this year. If I have time I’ll publish a second one from my list.

3) Writing 4 books this Year. His Brother’s Wife (projected release date: January 2015), The Rancher’s Wife (projected release date: February 2015), and finishing the writing of Khyrsolia (12,000 words and projected release date of May 2015) and Unwilling Alliances (30,000 words and projected release date of July 2015, though this one might need to wait).

4) Blogging a book. I decided to post Khyrsolia on this blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting August 2014.


5) Reading and taking notes on my writing inventory of 20+ manuscripts in various stages of completion. I really want to publish some of these and so I’m going to switch between finishing one of these and write a new book. I finished reading the first one Friday night and decided that it will be a Science Fiction Romance with the working Title of Saving Michael. It might be the next book I post on this blog if Khyrsolia goes well.

3 thoughts on “Goals & Deciding What to Focus On

  1. Saving my fiction reading for bedtime has worked out much better than I hoped. Not only do i seem to get more done (because as you said when we do it early on, the day slips away), but it also relaxes me so I sleep better. A win-win. 😀


    • LOL very much.

      I found I have a hard time putting the book down, even at night. I will stay up far later then I should reading a book because I want to know what happens and there has been the occasion that Hubby finds me sleeping on the couch because I did.

      So most of my fiction reading is only from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Business books and short stories are reserved for the weekdays. Otherwise nothing gets done. 😀 I love reading way too much. Sometime more then writing.


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