{Working Notes 11} April 2014

So what did I do today?

I woke up late, which means 5:30 am instead of 3 or 4 am, to get the kids ready for school. Then I took them out to the bus stop and was told to hide because they want to be big girls and they’ve finally realized I won’t leave them by the Highway alone.

I finished the updates on my home, services, and hire me pages as well as the information in the design and home sidebar. Also started to redesign a website header using one of my older ones which I still love.

I sent the 2 final covers, 2 mockups, and 2 finished covers I did yesterday to their authors. It’s nice to get things cleared up for next weeks projects.

I searched for images on dreamstime.com to place on the cover of  The Rancher’s Wife. I found a woman I like, I can’t seem to find a man I like that still has all his clothes on or isn’t too modern.

I started to upload Loving Khyrsolia to Barnes and Noble. It’s the last book I have to move the new account and I didn’t get to finish because the site started doing something funky. So I’ll input details tonight.

I balanced my business checkbook, although I seem to be about $200 short so I have to dig out my bank statements to see why. 😦

And I got to work on His Brother’s Wife with Ruth this afternoon. She wrote a new scene with occasional input from me and I filled in some details to foreshadow Thad’s acceptance of the marriage to Arabella. It puts us at about 9,000 words for that book.


Fiction words written today: 1068 original words.
Fiction words written this month: 1068 words

Covers designed and finished: 1 new cover.
Covers finished this month: 1 cover.

Books read: 0 books.
Books read this month: 0 books