{Working Notes 10} What I Did Today

I’m happy to say I got a lot more off my To Do List then I thought when I looked at my planner this afternoon. There is still a lot to go, but for today I’m going to celebrate what I did.

Proof Copy of The Stagecoach Bride

I uploaded this the other day only to find that they didn’t like the cover I did. How sad is that? I thought it was rather beautiful.

After a little tweaking last night and re-uploading it to the printer, I got the okay on the proof copy. So now I have a proof copy of The Stagecoach Bride on its way. I hope to have the print edition out by mid-May at the latest.

Book Design Packages

Last week I worked on a Creative Brief/Proposal template for my design business, this week I’ve been working on Book and Promotional Design Packages. In the last few months I found that potential clients come looking for flat fees on design projects, and not “It might cost between $60-$120 depending on the complexity of the design and time involved.” I guess that sounds too much like an hourly rate.

So I researched what other designers were doing and came up with a design packages and prices that I believe are more than fair. I spent last night uploading the design packages to my website last night and made changes the Service page to reflect the new system. Now it’s all live and ready to go. Next up, the Order Form page….

Death’s Lover

Due to the busyness of my schedule this week, I haven’t gotten the word count I was hoping for and Thanatos and Lilith are getting a little upset with me about it too. They want their story told and everything that isn’t writing seems to be getting in the way of that.

I’m 45,000 words into the book, even though I lost an entire scene a few weeks back. The plan this week was to get back to my 2k a day writing schedule so I could have at least 8,000 more done by the end of the week. I’ve managed to do about 500 a day. So not the big word count I was hoping for. 😦

Maybe I can do better next week. Or make that an equal priority with my book cover design and family before my hubby decides I don’t love him any more. Either way, I’m not putting down a projected release date for this until I get a better handle on if I can make the date I say I will.

FINALLY! Lesson Learned.

Co-authored Books I’m Working On

Like with The Stagecoach Bride, my fellow romance writer and friend, have made an agreement to work on two books, His Brother’s Wife and The Rancher’s Wife (Book #2 of the Wild Hearts Series). Both books were started Monday, 17th of March.

This is also the first time in a long time that I’ve worked on more than one story at a time. I usually don’t split my focus this way as I have a hard time switching from one to the other. It means I need to be ultra organized and compartmentalized each story. Also means no magic in the Historical Western or cowboys in the Fantasy. 😦  (Oh, Pooh!)

His Brother’s Wife

This is a new book and not one I think I’ve mentioned here before, but then maybe I have. His Brother’s Wife is about Thaddeus “Thad” Standford and Arabella Stanford, and before anyone thinks their there will be adultery in it, no, Thad and Arabella don’t cheat on his brother/her husband. Neither Ruth or I like books with adultery in them, so we don’t write them.

Thad is ordered to the Klondike by his estranged father to investigate the death of his brother Horace nearly six months previous. Arabella is the abused wife of a monster and is one of dozens of suspects. The others are his mistress and the handful of men who owe him money and could lose their gold claims. But nothing is really what it seems to be.

Ruth is writing the part of Arabella and I’m writing Thad’s. We are nearly 7,000 words into the book as of tonight. Hey! Does that mean I made a part of my 8,000 word goal for the week. Awe-some-sauciness!

The Rancher’s Wife

This is the second book Ruth and I are working on in the Wild Hearts Series. The  first was The Stagecoach Bride and in true series form, The Rancher’s Wife picks up the story where The Stagecoach Bride left off.

Don’t have a cover for this, Hopefully next week. So here’s the series header for you instead.

So as not to spoil it for those who haven’t read the first book yet, the rest of you can fill in the blanks. Abby is on the run from ——- —- with three-year-old Lloyd because her brother Wade has been —. She ends up at Thayne Jackson’s ranch dressed as a boy and injured but still ready to defend her —— Lloyd. Surprising Thayne takes her in and does what he can to help her. But not everyone is happy to have her there.

Ruth is writing the part of Thayne Jackson while I’m writing the part of Abigail “Abby” Nichols. We are about 7,500 words into the book, although Ruth wrote Thayne’s part today so there is probably another 1,000 words that I don’t have yet. 😀 As for the cover I’m hoping to get that up by next week if nothing goes wrong.

Changing the {Working Notes} template

You didn’t know there was a template for this, did ya? Well that’s probably because there wasn’t one and really there won’t be. I finally made the decision to use this blog as a work/life journal. But since I don’t do much besides work, that’s more of what you’ll get.

Anyhoo, at the end of Working Notes I’m going to add some totals. I took the idea off of Dean Wesley Smith’s blog, though I’m not going to count daily word counts or the amount of emails I answer in an afternoon. Those aren’t numbers I keep track of. What I will have is my monthly word counts for each book and covers designed and finished. I’m not doing daily since I don’t post here everyday. It’s also more for me then for anyone else, and the reason I’m posting them is to motivate myself to work harder to meet my goals. Maybe it will inspire me to write here more often.

PS Just noticed that all the heroes in Death’s Lover, The Rancher’s Wife, and His Brother’s Wife are all start with “T”. Thanatos, Thaddeus, and Thayne (although I’m not technically writing Thayne’s part.)

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  1. We’re almost at 9K in The Rancher’s Wife . 😀 I plan to work on Thayne and Nona’s scene today so I hope that will put us at the 9500 words. I’d say that book is going pretty smoothly, unlike the other one. I’m still stumped on what to do there. I wish all books were easy.


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