{Working Notes} Changes in Book Design Prices and a Raise

I know money is a touchy subject for some and it has the potential to explode in my face as I talk about it, but it’s something I’ve wanted to discuss. So please be nice if you respond or I will delete the comment. Thank you. 😀

My design beginnings, or at least in the last year

When I started designing book covers, mostly to make a little cash to support my writing at another thing I love doing, I had no clients except the ones sent to me by my friend Joleene, so I started with a lower price point and signing up for Mark’s List. Since that day (a little over a year ago), my skills have improved, my client base has grown, and I’m a little more business savvy (which isn’t saying much), and as with any business there comes a time when a business person has to look at what their doing and make some decisions.

Changing Rates to Meet my Goals

Now my rates are already part of the low range and I want to climb out of the “she does it for cheap so her designs can’t be worth to much and I can take advantage of her” trap. Also it would be nice to make some sort of money from all this work, which I’m not.That doesn’t mean that I’m going to start pricing covers at $500-$2000, because to be frank, unless its an awesome cover with hand-drawn illustrations or a custom photo shoot where I have to foot the bill for the clothes and models time, no cover will never be worth that.

Wondering what my fellow designers were charging, I did an Internet search and found cover designs from $35 all the way to $2000. Now $35 isn’t going to get me any closer to my goals and $2000 is way to rich for me or my skills and experience.

I figured that if I was charging minimum wage ($7.25) an hour for an eBook cover design I would make roughly $200. If I was charging the average hourly rate for a book designer, which is $20, I would make roughly $600 an eBook cover. I decided that I would start charging an average of $80 for an eBook cover. If I do 4 in a month I can make $320 which will pay for my business cell, Internet, and other business expenses with about $150 left over. That’s about $1800 a year.

It’s a good thing I make more or I’d have to quit a job I like.