Changing my Logo…Yes, again!

I know a logo doesn’t seem important to many and that there are those who won’t understand why I keep changing mine. The reasons are simple. Ruis Publishing is my company, I take great pride in my work, I’m a perfectionist (if it’s not right I’ll do it again and again), and I want to show a professional front to the world. Businesses have logos.

This was my logo for the last few months.

Yeah, I know I just changed it from the black and red thing it was. I still love this logo and if all I was really doing was publishing romance books and creating romance book cover designs then I would stick with this, but I don’t. The woman really doesn’t work for my company or for the meaning of Ruis (which is Celtic and pronounced roo-esh).

This was a bad design decision on my part and I’m claiming tunnel vision as part of the problem. You know what I mean? When you are only looking at one aspect of something–in this case romance–and you don’t see the big picture. The above logo doesn’t work for the design side of my business or for some of the co-authored fiction I’ll be publishing soon. It won’t work for any non-fiction, children’s stories, or poetry I might finally get around to finishing in the next few years.

So I returned to the drawing board and started this new logo design like I would with any client. I asked myself some questions about what was the purpose of the logo, what it would be used for, and could I create a concept that represented Ruis.

Ruis is the full moon of December. The Elder Tree and the Raven were both symbols of this month. This was the concept for Ruis Publishing’s first logo. I used the crescent moon I’m fond of in all my designs and a raven. Sadly, I tried my hand at drawing. Not pretty. And no, you’ll never see it and hopefully it will never see the light of day again.

Here is the new logo design and I’m completely in love with it!

What do you think?

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