What I’m Working On this Month

Wow! Last week went by in a flash and it’s the start of a new week. Some days I wish it would slow down and give me a chance to breathe. Since the kids will be home in a few minutes, I’m going to do a quick update on what I’m working on. Many of these are business changes I’ve wanted to make in 2014 and working toward my business goals.

Editing Footprints & Jonathan Arvidson

I’ve finally made a decision on the Jonathan Arvidson books sitting on my hard drive for the last 13 years. A very loyal fan of the first book asked me to please finish them and I figure why not. So I’m working on the edits now. I’m not going to be rewriting anything. They will remain mostly as they are now with some improvements. The plan is to release two a year for the next ten years. The first one is Footprints.

On a semi-routine cargo run with three passengers, the plane fails, forcing Les Winger to land on the water. Trapped on a deserted island somewhere in the South Pacific with his copilot and passengers, Les’ waits for rescue or the killer finish the job they started, because someone is trying to kill one of them and is willing to kill everyone else to accomplish it.

Writing Death’s Lover

No, I haven’t forgotten this book but in light of some of the other stuff I have to do, it’s not high on the priorities list. I’m still trying to get some of it done this month regardless of what is going on.

Revamping some books & moving accounts

Due to their age in the eBook world, changes in requirements, and the need to move them from one account to another, I have the opportunity to revamp some of the interiors of books. So I’m in the process of creating a template for each series as well as my Stephannie Beman name and the Jonathan Arvidson name. Really the only thing that will change is the front and back matter.

Systematizing my Business

I neglected a lot of things when I first started business as an author and a book cover designer. Some of that was creating minor systems to organize my business. Others were things that I would need to look up at later dates and not want to have to go back through dozens of the emails or half-dozen books to find. Systems that would make business easier. I need to make some templates for what I can and hope to have some things up and ready soon.

So that is my list of to-dos this month. Fun, huh.

5 thoughts on “What I’m Working On this Month

  1. How many books did Jonathan Arvidson write all together? It sounds like he was very prolific.

    Revamping and reuploading books take a lot more time than a lot of people realize. Good luck!

    Also, it’s too bad we didn’t know back then what we do now when it comes to being in business for ourselves. Think of how much more efficient we would have been. *sighs*


    • I have twenty of his books on my hard drive. I know I’m missing the western of his that I read and loved. Remind me of Zane Grey or Louis L’Amour.

      I wish I knew half the stuff I know back then now. It would have made everything cropping up so much easier. 😀


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