Writing Challenges and Woes

There is so much more to writing then sitting down and writing what comes to mind. There is delving deep into memories and snippets of information we caught in passing. There is the constant research–I believe writing is one of those jobs where homework never ends–and searching for answers. Why would he do this? Why can’t she just do this? How would this work in real life?

Then there is the posing and acting as we try to figure out who something would work and then try to put the concept on to paper, all without bodily injuring any bystanders. My family no longer sigh and roll their eyes when mom tells them to stand up so I can try something. It’s more “Can’t this wait until My Little Pony is over?” or possibly “Mmmmommmm, I have to do my homework!” (Okay, so a mom can dream that her little one what to finish their homework first before they play “Will mom cause bodily harm to me today?”.)

LOL Really it’s not that bad. The kids get the easy stuff, like move this way, be like an Avatar, do a somersault. Things like how to holding a gun or knife, how to take down a bad guy, rifle shooting practice, SWAT training tactics, how would you cut a jugular, and no way would blood spurt like that are all my husbands field. He was the ex-policeman and my knowledge of forensics are more outdated then his.

It might sound strange, but I so wish I had the Forensic Study Handbook and the Blood Analysis books I checked out of the BYU Library when I was working at the University. They were so cool and informational. Now if I could only write horror without it being too cheesy or not so overly dramatic thrillers I’d be set.

Sadly, it’s not to be. 😦  YET!

I’m content with my speculative romance and branching out into Historical Western Romance, but I also like to change it up and try new things. One of those might be a Romantic Suspense or Romantic Thriller. If we can manage it, it might be a serial. Not the cut the book apart at the cliffhangers and pretend its a serial story. Nope, this would be novella size (about the length of an hour long TV episode.) and a full 3 Act story. Beginning, Middle, and End.

More on that later, when I know if it will be or not. 😀

You see, there is more to writing then just sitting at a desk, or on the couch and writing. There is the word craft, developing the style and voice of the author, learning to tell a story, and the basics of storytelling. Things we continue to learn and work on.

There is ignoring the distractions and shiny new toys.

Then there is the pressure and doubts, which can cripple and make you crazy. Is this the right word? Should I keep this sentence or that one? Is their enough tension between the characters? Will people like this story? Am I wasting my time with this story? Why won’t this scene work? I really like and want this scene to work? How can I make it work? Will it sell? How should I end it? Should I cut this scene? Does it need more sex, or less? Is it too gory? Does it have enough suspense? I love the story, but will my readers like it, or will they hate it? Do I have enough for a full novel, or should it be a novella? Should I fill in the scene more? Did I do enough showing and not telling?

….And the questions go on and on.

Writing is challenge full of woes, but it’s also joyful and relaxing when we just let go. When we let the doubts fly away, when we stop and listen to the story, when we let it lead us through the twists and turns rather than trying to force it, we find peace in telling the story.