{Working Notes 8} Back to Writing Death’s Lover

I’m not a patient person when it comes to writing. Creating crochet patterns and book cover designs, and I have unlimited supply of patience. Waiting to start a story why I plan out the book so I it doesn’t take me so long to write it, and I lose patience in the first day. It’s why I don’t consider myself a plotter. It’s probably why I start books first and then go back to plan and rewrite them at the halfway point.

My new favorite writing tool! The Story Plot Notebook

So for the first two weeks of February, I’ve been planning and plotting Death’s Lover. I’ve been chasing plot and romance threads through the story and seeing where I need to layer the various arcs through story. I’ve been seeking story holes that need to be filled and re-arranging scenes for better timeline flow. And making sure that the main characters have equal point of view scenes.

Last week I started the process of reviewing my Plot notebook. I found some places where I could condensing some of the scenes together or potential problems. One was the opening scene and another was a turning point in the first Act. I have to thank my friend Ruth for helping me figure that those out yesterday. It made some of the other problems disappear.

So I’m finishing up the moving scenes around and making notes about scenes I need to go back and fill in later, tomorrow I’m going to go back to the using the headings function in Word to give myself an at-a-glance scene list with summary for each section. I got the idea from Tracey Writes: Using Word’s Document Map for Outlining your Book and love it.

Death’s Lover Story Map in Word Document.  I use heading 1 for the title of each scene, heading 2 (in blue) for a summary of what I want to write or the goals for each POV with in the scene.

Now that I’m getting to the end of my plotted scenes in the notebook, I can get back to writing the book. I have that “It’s about damn time!” feeling.

I want to write.

I need to write.

And I have to wait to write more of Death’s Lover until tonight after my kids go to bed or tomorrow morning if I can actually get up at 4 am. LOL

This is a book that I need to get done. Otherwise the other story ideas clamoring for attention will drive me crazy and the next you’ll hear of me will be from the psychiatric ward, because I’ve finally moved into the castle in the clouds with my imaginary friends. 😀