{Working Notes 7} Plotting Stories, Rearranging Scenes, & Creating Cover Designs

This week has been another busy one for plotting Death’s Lover and cover designs. As I’ve mentioned before, this is one of those months were I only have 4 work hours. Means I have to divide my time between writing and cover design.

Sometimes this makes it hard with my slight obsessive-compulsive disorder. I say slight because it’s not diagnosed and it might not be OCD. It’s more likely just how my brain works. When something gets my attention I get this laser-focus, i.e. the plot board, romance beat sheets, client welcome packets, genial piercings, etc. and it’s impossible to shake.

Plotting Death’s Lover

A peek into my plot notebook for Death’s Lover. Thanks to my niffty cell phone and an share app. 😀

I started out with a plot board (sorry, no picture, however an old cardboard box works so much better then a poster board. Stiff and sturdy.) that turned into a plot notebook when I took all the note cards and sticky-notes from the board and stuck them into a spiral notebook. This worked so much better because now it can sit beside me while I work and I can take it with me. Definitely a plus and one I mentioned in this post.

I wrote down all the scenes on white cards, which is easier then buying multi-colored packets and having an excess of one color. The light yellow tracks the days on the series timeline. The pink highlighter and bright pink sticky-note are the romance arc. The orange sticky-note is what the antagonists’ arcs. The light pink sticky note is the goals for each scene. There is still some work I need to do in my notebook, but I wanted to start working on Death’s Lover again.

Rearranging Scenes

While plotting the story, I realized that I was missing some key scenes in both the relationship building and subplots that would explain later events, so today was all about comparing my rough draft to my plot notebook’s notes. The timeline is off so there will be some scenes that I’ll have to move around and others I will have to add.

Using the headings function in Word, I wrote down what each scene was, and then highlighted the sections where I need to write the scenes, and add a comment to that effect. I’ve decided that I don’t want to write the new scenes yet, I’d rather keeping working from where I left off. Maybe I can finish going through the rough draft tonight and work on writing it tomorrow. I’m at the 50,000 word mark, with no more delays I’m hoping to have Death’s Lover done soon.

Creating Cover Designs

Seems this month is the month of cover designs. While I would love to share this weeks cover art here, the covers aren’t quite done, so instead I’m going to share some I did earlier this month.

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