Cover Designs, Websites, and Books, Oh my!

The last two weeks have been crazy busy. I know I say this every time. But I mean it this time and in a complete different way. 😀

Book Cover Designs & my Portfolio

My schedule has been full for book cover designs. Usually business slows down in December and doesn’t pick up until March. This year is different. I’ve been booked since January and last week was crazy for book cover and availability requests. I finally added a Google Calendar to my Portfolio sidebar Friday to show when I’m available to work. And hopefully I’ll get the new covers added to my Portfolio soon.

I thought of an Design Availability Calendar in 2012 when I started this cover design business, but decided it looked really weird with vast amounts of space/months. Now I don’t have that problem (thanks to Mark’s List at Smashwords and fellow cover designer Joleene Naylor). 😀

Author and Portfolio Website Re-Design is Coming

I know that I did this at the end of last year, and I love the look of this website, although I’m still looking for a better theme. However, there are have been many changes happening in the last 5 months. Some of which the consequences are only now being seen.

Because of some of my projects, I’m forced to re-think some things and some of those changes will appear here. Right now I’m evaluating every page of this website and making notes. I’m designing the look and content of other pages already here or that need to be created. I’m re-thinking the whole blog thing and trying to decide what I want to do.

The re-design of this website won’t happen all at once and I won’t be shutting this site down for it. I’m going to be making changes throughout 2014, so as not to stress myself out too badly with the enormity of the task. I’m also going to keep to the structure I set up here. There will be three main sections, which include: the main site pages; the book site pages which will be divided into: Romance (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Thriller, and Historical Western), General Fiction (co-authored books with Jonathan Arvidson under the name S.A. Beman), YA Fiction (co-authored and still in the process of finalizing), and non-fiction; and book design portfolio site pages.

Death’s Lover

I’ve had someone email and ask me when this book will be out, already! 😀 Ok, the “already” is more my sentiment then hers. And the answer is, I’m not sure. I was hoping for a February release, but it’s not going to happen. Death’s Lover combined with my fluctuating schedule and lost of direction in the story, has led to a delay.

I decided it was time to read through the manuscript, make notes, and try my hand at storyboarding the story. After researching the different ways authors do this, I created my own system. My first attempt was a failure, far too complex. This second attempt was far easier and I spent Thursday and Friday planning out the last part of the book. Hopefully, next week I can start writing again. 😀

The Wild Hearts Series, a Trilogy, and a Romantic Thriller

The whole Wild Hearts series was put on hold due to some legal issues that both Ruth and I hadn’t thought of when he started The Stagecoach Bride last year and we needed to work out before proceeding. We asked a lawyer about creating a better contract then what we’d created; however, most lawyers haven’t the faintest idea on what to do with Indie published work, so that fell flat.

Friday we worked out a plan of action. We’ll be working up a contract that involves a trade of writing and cover design related services. Four books for four books. This means I’ll be working on a Historical Western Romance Series, a YA Fantasy Trilogy, and a Romantic Thriller with Ruth Ann Nordin.

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