Making the Hard Decision…

I hate waffling. The back and forth of any decision. The making of a choice and then revisiting it to make another, and possibly another choice later. That not knowing what to do or say, so you don’t do or say anything.

I’m making a hard decision. It’s one that I’ve struggled off and on with for two years. But it’s the right one for me.

I wish I was a better blogger, I really do. I have plans of what I’d like to do here on this site. I have so much I want to write about and stuff to share, but those are more page related than blog post material. And I so don’t have enough hours in the day to be consistent.

There is just too much I should be doing, have to be doing, and need to do. Blogging isn’t one of the top priorities. Lately, it’s been right down there with writing.

How sad is that?!

I’m a writer who isn’t writing. I’m a writer who isn’t fulfilling my dream by writing the damn book! I’m procrastinating right this second to write this post when I know I should be working on plotting Death’s Lover before I have to go feed cows, get hubby ready for work, and format an interior book layout for a client. And those are just the daily things, not the massive 3 page list of things I need to do or the half page list of things I have to before the end of the month.  Almost makes me want to crawl in a corner and go to sleep.

Hahahaha… Sorry, the lists have nothing to do with the need to sleep. That comes with hubby’s shift change and no longer being young enough to function on 4 hours of sleep. Or possibly I’m crashing from the caffeine/coffee and Peanut Butter M&M high of yesterday’s binge. Either way, I’m going to need a nap today, though it’s more likely I just be heading to bed early tonight.

This is possibly another reason I don’t blog much. As much as I would like to make this blog reader friendly and stay away from the writing related articles, I’m not sure what to write about. I know that sounds funny from the woman who makes an okay living from her books, who wrote a whole post on making a website/blog reader friendly, and who has been blogging for 8 years.

I mean, who wants to hear me talk about my day? It’s not really that interesting. I sit around most of it, writing on my current work-in-progress, planning and plotting, or creating book designs, then it’s carrying for family, the ranch, and cleaning house. There is the occasional trip to town which I attempt once every 3 months.

I might be a little quirky with my opinion and observations. I might say things here that make you laugh. But is it something you would want to read?

I figured the book related posts would be better, however, I noticed this strange trend. When I make a book related post here, no one comes by to visit, but when I make the same post into a page, its read 100 times more often.I think my time is better spent creating book-related pages instead of posts.

So where does that leave this blog? In the same place I keep returning to, either I make it a news feed and post when I have something newsy-related to say, or make it a journal of thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Making the Hard Decision…

  1. It’s hard to make some decisions. God knows I go back and forth, too, so I understand your frustration. I think what makes it harder is when you can see the pros and cons to each decision so easily. Whatever you decide, you have my support. 😀


    • It is a hard decision. Even if the pros outweigh the cons, there comes a moment when it’s either/or. I can either do this, or I can do this. I’m starting to think in terms of “Which one is the better return on my invested time?” Right now, blogging isn’t it. I’m not sure if it every was. My time is better spent writing the next book and doing book cover designs.


  2. I say just write something when you want and when you don’t, don’t, and call it good 😉 I’ve run into a lot of author blogs that are mixtures of things and have enjoyed them more than the ones that are strictly writing/books.


  3. 😀 It’s very good advice, Joleene. I wish I was a better blogger, then mixing it up would work. Sadly I don’t really have much to say or share that isn’t book, writing, or book design related. They take up most of my day with a few hours for ranching and family. Just not that interesting, or more not something I have the ability to make interesting.


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