{Working Notes 5} Delay in Wild Hearts Series & What I’ve Been Doing

In my 2014 goal update I mentioned that Ruth and I would be starting the 2nd book in the Wild Hearts Series. shamefaced The writing has been delayed. Unlike my usual blaming of life getting in the way however, The Rancher’s Wife was delayed for legal reasons. We needed a better way for us to publish this series and so it’s being placed on hold until we hear back from the lawyer.

That said, on to “What I’ve Been Doing…”

My Goals this Month were to:

  1. Write 2,000 words every weekday on Death’s Lover
  2. Edit 1/2 chapter of Footprints every weekday
  3. Plan the next two books of The Shaa’Madr Trilogy on the weekends

I want to say that it was an epic fail on all those goals and while I know the month isn’t over there would be no way to make it up now. However, there were things that popped up that I wasn’t expecting.

First, was the tax forms I have to get done before January 31 and have sent in. Which meant a visit to my tax person, who I couldn’t get a hold of. Since this was uber-tax stuff that I don’t understand it wasn’t something I could set up myself. It’s stressful to have a deadline looming and not be able to contact the person that can help you. So I had to go to someone else, which meant an afternoon of talking to this person about my business, what it does, money I make, and letting them copy all my business papers that they needed. Then there were the multiple phone calls to let me know how things are going, if I had this paper or need her to do this, that, or the other. Etc.

Second, we all got sick for the second time this year. This time the flu, so being the mom I get to work on little sleep and deal with pukey kids and hubby for 5 days. I ended up with a severe head cold that I’m still working through and that’s making it hard to think through the puffy fuzz filling my head with cotton.

Third, while the above two things were happening, I still had book covers to finish for clients that I scheduled for this month. It might have seemed easier to let them know what was happening and reschedule or refund their deposit, but it wasn’t. Most have paid a deposit for the work and they get mad when you cancel on them. They have their own deadlines to meet and scheduled a month in advanced. I can’t reschedule anyone until March and pushing everyone back by a few weeks would just piss people off. So I worked while the sick ones slept. Other than the one person, who was a walk-in last week, deciding that he just couldn’t wait for me to start his cover until the one opening I had at then end of this month, everyone was happy.

Fourth, I’m also in the process of looking for an editor for my work. My last one is quitting. I have a few that I’ve contacted but if anyone has any suggestions of someone they use, I’d love to find another. 😀

So while I didn’t make my 2,000 word quota that I’d hope to accomplish on Death’s Lover, I was able to make a significant dent in the story. Although I’ll be printing it out today to read over and take notes. I think I’ve written myself into a corner, that or I need to slow down the pace of the story more. After I have a look I’ll know better what is wrong.

I didn’t even get close to working on Footprints other than the first day. With hubby on the morning schedule, my days being the way they are it wasn’t even an option of working in the afternoons on it. I really don’t see much of a way for me to work more than 4 hours a day anymore, which seems odd to me because I though I worked more in the winter time. Guess not.

As for planning the next two books in The Shaa’Madr Trilogy. I started to re-read book one and take notes. It’s been a very slow process with everything going on and with the fact that it’s not my first priority. I need to write, edit, and publish Death’s Lover and edit and publish Footprints before I even think of writing the rest of the series.

Well I have to go, time to get the kids up and ready for school.

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