In which I share some…

…writing clips from the first eight days of the new year.

Well, I’m back to work and uber-excited about it.  It seems so long since I had a decent days work on my books. About a month to be exact. With hubbies shift changing from mornings to evenings and back every other month, my schedule fluctuates with his. Which makes every other month very unproductive for me.

This is me in the mornings. Laptop, wild hair, and a cup of coffee. Perfection. 😀

The first clips are from the book Footprints. I’m finally getting around to editing it. My goal is 1/2 a chapter a day because there is a lot that needs to go for this book. It’s also touch and go each day because I only get 4 hours to work a day this month and most of that is spent on writing or working on cover designs. Unless I start my day at 3 am, then it’s closer to 7 hours.

Clip #1: Footprints, Chapter One

John looked from the pressure gauge to Les, then back at the second one again, his eyes widening with immediate concern. “Something’s wrong with that one too, isn’t there?”

Les sighed at the panic in John’s voice and nodded. It wasn’t as if he could lie to the kid. He knew his planes, albeit not everything about them.

“We’re going to lose the other engine as well.”

John’s mouth dropped and his voice rose a few octaves when he spoke, “You’re not kidding, are you?”

“No.” Les’ own heart began to beat wildly in his chest as he beginning the slow descent toward the surface of the water. He looked to John. “Check the chart and see if there’s a place to set her down. I’d like to put her down on dry land given the choice.” The aircraft descend a few more feet. “And it’s going to be pretty damn soon too!”

John fumbled with the navigation charts. A few finger calculations later, he looked to Les and shook his head. “If we’re where I think we’re supposed to be, there is nothing within a hundred miles of us!”

Les nodded, dread in the pit of his stomach. His mind called up a series of memories, all crash landings on water. None of them were pretty.

Clip #2: Footprints, Chapter 2

John watched in horror as the plane slipped beneath the waters of the lagoon. His eyes followed the path of tiny swirling whirlpools and large pockets of air bubbling up from the sinking plane. The craft hit the bottom, churning the sand and clouding the clear water.

And there was no sign of Les Winger.

I’m happy to say that I’ve been working on Death’s Lover lately. My goal has been to write 2,000 new words every weekday, since my girls (6 & 7) are home on the weekends and writing usually takes a back seat to taking care of them. Today I finally hit the halfway point of the novel.

Clip #1:Death’s Lover, Prologue (Yes, I have a prologue. No I won’t get rid of it.)

“What may a poor nymph do for you?”

He snorted. “I know who and what you are, Thetis.”

She slid her hand up his arm, over his shoulder, moving behind him. She didn’t need to be a mind reader to know why he was here. She’d read his purpose in the ripples of the pool.

Leaning toward him, her breasts pressed into his back, her breath tickled his ear. “And I know why you are here. I know why you seek my counsel.” She brushed her fingers through his auburn hair, caressing the nape of his neck. “The answer is yes. Yes, I will help them and in exchange you will grant me three favors for each.”

Clip #2: Death’s Lover, Chapter 1


hanatos was no stranger to death.

He’d seen every possible way there was to die. He lived with it day after day, century upon century. And it never bothered him.

But as he stood outside the small village, the utter devastation and meaningless loss of life sickened him to his darkened soul. There was no reason for it. This was no natural disaster with Rhea sending warning signs of impending doom that had been ignored because the people thought the signs read in sheep intestines were more reliable. No flood by Okeanos’ unpredictable mood. Coronus was too busy chasing his son around to destroy creatures he saw as beneath his notice.

What lay before him was a slaughter.

Clip #3: Death’s Lover, Chapter 5

“How did she survive when no one else did?” one of the female elders asked, her tone condemning.He glanced at Lilith who peeked at him from beneath lowered lashes. He nodded for her to speak, uncomfortable by the role they were playing. Daemon woman didn’t need permission to speak, they didn’t need a male to intercede. If he’d realized this before entering the village, he would have let her come alone.

“I was in the house when it collapsed,” she said, her tone respectful and contrite. “It took days to dig myself free. By then it was over and the warriors were gone.”

She was lying. He wasn’t sure why or how he knew, but he was sure she was lying about what happened. The elders murmured among themselves. They believed her. It neatly explained how she’d survived.

“I found her and helped her bury the dead, before bringing her here. I need to return to my people and I promised her I would find a place to leave her where she would be safe.

“Will you be back for her?” another elder demanded, glaring at Thanatos.

He met the man’s eyes, tired of the meaningless questions. “I will be back to check on her from time to time.”

One of the women sidled closer to the Village leader. “We can’t possibly accept another mouth to feed, my husband,” she whispered, although her voice was far from quiet.

Thanatos ground his teeth. What was so hard about taking a woman? It wasn’t like she ate that much more and the village hardly looked to be in trouble. While it grated to be forced into drastic action, Thanatos wasn’t beyond making demands.

He stood, letting a bit of magic flare out, touching everyone in the home. Let them have a taste and know who they were dealing with. Many hissed and drew away. Others stared at him in shock.

Lilith scrambled to her feet beside him, grabbing his arm despite the pain it had to cause her. “Please, Than! They meant no disrespect.” She glanced at him and then away, head bowed, her fear palpable. “Life is harsh here in the desert.”

He started at her, realizing they all thought him capable of killing them for something so trivial. He would never do something so distasteful. He’d just wanted to frighten them a little.

He sighed, forcing his face to soften, and letting the men see that he was swayed by her plead. He nodded before turning to the Village Leader. “She will stay here among your people. I will provide her with the food and the home she needs, until she marries or dies. If she is harmed in any way or dies unnaturally, I will know it and I will take the lives of every person in this village.”

The village leader nodded shakily. “She will be safe here.”

Thanatos laughed. “She’s human. She’ll never be safe.”

Hope you enjoyed the short insight into Footprints and Death’s Lover. May you have a great weekend!