{Working Notes 2} Creating a Day Planner, a Business Management Binder, & New Logo

After raiding the internet for information on routines, schedules, planner types, how to use them effectively, and planning my day for the greatest productivity. Then creating pages upon pages of different planner designs from weekly views to daily, from plain Jane planners to ones that have everything imbedded into the planners (book projects, client work, chores, meal plans, etc.). I’ve been waffling a bit about doing it one way, then back to doing it a different way. Trying something that I thought would be more successful to something that is just plan awe-some-sauciness. I’ve been going back and forth on the daily pages and the weekly pages.

Today I decided to return to the planner I found here and have been using since August. I like the vertical  rows over the horizontal ones, although I placed three columns on each page and combine the weekend. It takes some time to create because I don’t want print it out and having it printed and bound where I’m means $15 plus shipping and handling. Putting it in a binder which would be so much easier, but I can’t put it in my purse or take it with me when I want to. So I’m making life difficult for myself like usual. 😀

Now I’m going to combine my planner with some ideas that I picked up from the site about life-mapping. It was far too complex a system and as I’ve learned, it it’s not on the same page I’ll forget it exists. But there were some ideas from her system that I loved and want to implement. When I get it done, I’ll be sure to post some pictures and add some more free printables for anyone interested.

To work with the day planner I’m also making a Business Management Binder. If you’ve heard of the Household Management Binder that has become so popular, then the idea is familiar, only this is for business. I’m only adding information and pages to things that I’m constant looking up or need. Some of the planning pages, like the monthly calendars are a blank calendar for each month and placed in a sheet protector so I can use them year after year. I can use dry/wet erase markers to write on them or sticky notes that can be moved around. I’ve created sections and subsections for:

  • Planning Ahead
    • Monthly planner
    • Yearly planner
    • Master To-Do List
    • Schedule for next Year
  • Author/Publishing Business
    • Writing & Publishing Goals
    • Projects
    • Products (ISBN, publish date, updated last)/Book Inventory (what I’ve written, writing, & planning to write)
    • Production plan
    • Book Pricing
    • Book Branding by Series
  • Design Business
    • Client Info
    • Client project
    • Book Design Log
    • Services & Pricing
    • Contract
  • Finances and Sales
  • Platform & Promotion
    • Platform Goals & Brand
    • Editorial Calendar
    • Main blog categories
    • Blog planner
    • Website planner
    • Social Media Plan
  • Reference
    • Contacts/address book
    • Online Password Tracker
    • Formatting aids

I still have a lot left to work on, but it’s starting to take form and I’m liking it better then my Information at my Fingertips binder that I started last year and mostly resides on my computer rather than the binder I bought to hold it. 😀

The Old Logo

I’ve also started to rework my logo for my business as some of you may have noticed from my header. I figured I should have something that incorporates both sides of my business. The logo for Ruis Publishing was created when I was going through a red, white, and black stage. Something that the banner reflects. I still like it and won’t remove the some icon from the print books spine since it matches the books regardless of their color scheme.

New Logo

I decided to keep the moon as part of the logo because I like it and it goes with the meaning of Ruis (Gaelic month of December and the Elder tree), but wanted something lighter and more whimsical. So the white moon was moved to a blue background, the red was dropped because it looked awful against the blue, and the woman with a sword was added because it matches my book type better. LOL

Oopps…hubby’s home and telling me it’s time for lunch. Better go.



2 thoughts on “{Working Notes 2} Creating a Day Planner, a Business Management Binder, & New Logo

  1. I love the new logo!

    Wow on your business planner! I’m really impressed. Today I typed out what I did so far for my business and thought it was good. But that’s nothing like what you’re doing. Very impressive.


    • Thanks about the logo. I’m liking it too, although I’m going back and forth on two different silhouettes. This one is more whimsical and the other is more sexy (?).

      As for the business planner, I started it by basing it on business procedural manuals that I used when I had to answer to a boss and born out of the need to have a few things be at my fingertips when I needed them instead of searching for the information. I never finished it. When I ran across home management binders while searching Pinterest for planner ideas, I liked the idea but had no need for a home one. The business planner is loosely based on the home management binder and a business plan, but rather than have it dry and boring I want to make it fun to look through. 😀


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