I’m popping out of my office to say hello!

I thought I should come out of my office (recently dubbed the bat cave by my family due to darkness of the room and because it’s far too cold to open the drapes and let in some light) and let you all know that I’m still alive. I haven’t quit being a writer and I haven’t forgotten about you. I wanted to thank those who commented or send emails of encouragement when I needed it most. I love you guys!

Last week was more a week of soul-searching and moping…or would that me sulking? Regardless, Hubby says all I need is a batman suit and possibly just a really nice Bruce Wayne suit and I could be a superhero! Yay, me! LOL

In all seriousness, (although when is seriousness fun?) I’ve been evaluating everything. Which lead me to cleaning and organizing not only my office (again) but also my business. I’ve been making lists of what I need to do, what I want to do, and what I should do. I’ve been reviewing my schedule and routines for time sucks that can be eliminated. And I’ve drunk a lot of coffee  while coming to some surprising conclusions.

My kids are in school and my schedule has changed.

Makes you wonder when I missed this, since the kids have been in school for nearly 3 months, which is also around the time that everything started to go down hill and frustration set in.

Now I’ve had my ups and downs dealing with my girls and trying to work. Some days I’m sailing smooth and getting shit done. Other days it’s rough and nearly impossible to work. Add Hubby to the mix and nothing is getting done unless I wake really early in the morning. I mean how many times do I have to come see the same comedy act or musician before he realizes that I have it memorized? Apparently 10 times. Then I can do Jeff Dunham impressions of his dolls or attempt to dance like Lindsay Stirling. Yes, it’s funny. No, I can’t play a violin or throw my voice. 😀

I know that disruption in my routine is bad. It leads to irritability, daydreaming, crazy ideas that never go anywhere, and vivid dreaming. Now that I’m alone, which doesn’t bother me at all despite what people seem to think (darn extroverts trying to drag me out of my stale cabin in the woods), I appear to be having a hard time adjusting to everyone’s absence. I guess that’s what happens when you become a mom. You get use to the kids being around (last 7 years) and as adaptable as I am, I don’t do well with too many changes to my routines and schedules at the same time.

Business is actually taking off and I have jet lag.

Both businesses, the writing and the book cover design, are doing well, not as well as I would like but enough that I make more in a year then I did working part-time at a fast food restaurant (teen years). However, I have a little bit of jet lag and my brain has turned to mush.

I noticed recently that while some systems I had in place were sufficient at the time they were created, they are quickly falling apart, and the duct tape I tried slapping on them to hold them together, isn’t.

It’s time to rethink things.

I started by separating the two aspects of my businesses: author and design. Then I started to evaluate each part of my business. Does this work? Do I need it? Does it need a facelift? What am I missing that could help me?

Yes, this would have been soooo much easier to do along the way. It’s called procrastination and I’m really go at it. I even have a gold-painted bronze medal for champion procrastinator and daydreamer. Long story short, it’s from a friend and it was the best birthday gift ever! (PS the medal was supposed to be  gold but those are really hard to find at yard sales.)

Now I found some things that need to be redone.

There was much that was outdated. There were goals that needed to revised, replaced, and even thrown out. There were aids that I should have been using to make things easier and wasn’t. And there were things that I shoved aside because they weren’t fun and now I have to catch-up on. I have pages of notes and lists of things that will need to be fixed, created, and can go in the trash.

So I’m making a list, and checking it twice, I’m looking to see which elements have been naughty and nice (sorry, Christmas song just came on the radio, isn’t it a little early for those?), then I’m going to dig in with both hands and destroy redesign some antiquated systems (and I’m not talking technology wise, most of that has been updated this year). I’m talking about how I do business and changes that I want to make for a more reader/client/customer friendly systems.

Which means it’s time to get serious and redo things.


2 thoughts on “I’m popping out of my office to say hello!

  1. I’ve learned to make lists and become a better planner because of you, but I still have a lot more to do. I really like how you sit down and evaluate what is working and what’s not. I should do the same thing, esp. with 2014 coming up. It’d be a good time to start fresh with some new ideas and toss out the bad ones.

    Good luck adjusting to the new routine. Any change in the routine throws me off.


    • LOL I need to work on the whole planning aspect more. Maybe be more conscientious of why I’m doing a task and if it is in line with my business goals. I think something up and want to do it first because it’s the shiny new thing, only to abandon most of the ideas within the day or week because they aren’t what I want or need to do. Like the Author Plan ebook. I like the idea, but I’ve lost any umphf to finish the project.

      The best way I found to evaluate my business is to start with looking over my long term goals and refreshing myself with them, revising them if they need it or getting rid of them altogether. Then I look at my to-do list and projects to see if they match with my goals. If they don’t then it gets thrown out or revised to work. Then I move on to things I use to build a platform and decide it’s merits…and so on through everything.

      The thing I hate about changes in my routine is that it’s constantly happening, from hubby working swing shift in the winter months to kids being in our out of school. Then, it’s me who has to change my work hours not everyone else. lol


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