Working on a Storyboard for a new Series

I’ve had this idea for a new series in the back of my mind for about 4 years now, and in the last few months it’s started to rear it’s head and demand I pay attention to it. Since I still have a dozen or more books waiting in the wings for both the Children of Khaos Series and the Descendants of Edyn Series, I decided to stave off the demands I could create a storyboard on Pinterest for The Pheonyx Series. This allows me to work through the specifics of the world I’m creating and solidify my ideas, and not get myself in trouble with the ever demanding muse.

BusinessSideofWritingHeaderSo this morning I not only created a pin board for it, I, of course, had to add some pictures to boards already there, including, but not limited to, the Children of Khaos and Descendants of Edyn boards (both works-in-progress), The Underworld, and Death’s Lover.

I’ll also be creating some new boards and moving some of the stuff I have to other places. I’m still thinking of the structure some of the boards should take. So my OCD is taking over and making lists of boards I have, ones I could drop or combine, and others that I’ll need to create.

Social Networking

*sigh* So much work ahead of me, but at least this is one social media outlet that I love to play with and it’s helpful too. 😀

2 thoughts on “Working on a Storyboard for a new Series

  1. That was fun to see those pictures. Do they inspire you to write?

    Your series is very intriguing, esp. after seeing those pictures. It really makes things come alive to see those pictures. 😀


    • I’m a very visual person and pictures help a lot. It’s also one of the reasons I love Pinterest for personal, and not so much professional, reasons. It’s definitely my social media of choose. I could probably do without all the other media sites. LOL

      After doing the boards on Pinterest it almost makes me want to add pictures to the book, a “see what I’m writing about” thing. 😀


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