Playing Series Binder Catch-Up

Bad me! Bad! I haven’t been keeping up on my Children of Khaos Series Binder, or the infamous Series Bible. It’s horrible and awful and plain, downright bad of me.

  1. Because I’ve put off doing it since I published My Lord Hades 5 years ago and there is a lot of stuff that needs to be in there.
  2. Because other then a few notes on books and a few maps of places, I have very little in it.

So today I’m playing Series Binder catch-up. Which means I’m doing a quick read through two full-length novels and two short stories. It means that I have to add information into the binder that I’ve been neglecting out of sheer, stubborn procrastination.

This morning I’ve been note-taking (see Handy Tip of the Day) and creating a timeline of events. The short stories are out of the way and I’m working through My Lord Hades. Next will be Loving the Goddess of Love, which I probably won’t get to until tomorrow. Now I better get back to work.

Best wishes,


#1 Handy Tip of the Day: Save a few trees and make a really nice note taking page by placing lined paper into sheet protector pages and using a dry erase or my preference a wet erase pen to write on it. But only do this with lists and notes that you don’t need to keep.

Lessons Learned: Procrastination is bad. It always bites you in the ass later and makes far more work then anyone really wants to do.