Dreams, Delays, and Hoping I won’t go Crazy while Writing Death’s Lover

It’s strange that now that I have 8 uninterrupted hours to write because both kids are now in school, I can’t seem to do it. Everyday I come to the computer and I freeze, staring at the blank screen for several minutes, unable to write. At one point I tire of staring and head off to do something, anything else.

At first I thought it was boredom keeping me from work, since I know where the story is heading. But that’s not it. I’m exited by the idea of writing. I want to write the story. I dream of writing the story.

Which might just drive me crazy. One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that there is no option of putting my writing on hold. There is option of not writing. Because if I don’t write the bombardment begins.

It starts with plague of story ideas and scenes. Some from the current book, others from the possible future books. Then there is the daytime dreaming that so annoys my hubby when I causes me to zone out. Last comes the surround sound, larger that life vivid movie dreams. Which honestly, is very annoying. It’s hard to sleep at night when suspense and action fill your mind.

I woke this morning bleary eyed with the start of a headache and this need to work on Death’s Lover, but no matter how many times I open the document to work on it, I can’t seem to start. I’m back to procrastinating by writing this post. Earlier it was looking up homemade coffee creamers and stuffed green pepper recipes, ways to track working time and writing logs.

Maybe what I need is a complete disconnect from the Internet, an immersion within my writer’s cave, and just work at what I love instead of letting all the little marketing things distract me. šŸ˜€