{Story Teaser}

I’ve paused in the writing of Death’s Lover to do something I should have done before I started to write. First, was to schedule some blog posts for the rest of month so I can better focus. Second, to update my series folder or as many call it, the Series Bible. And third, was to outline the book.

Although, to be fair I’m not really sure the problem with me writing the book has anything to do with the lack of planning. I think it has more to do with me wanting to move on to another series. However, I have no intention of starting a new series until the two current series are done. That means three more novels for Children of Khaos Series and at least four more for the Descendants of Edyn Series. At a later date I might add more books to them but as I see it right now they’ll each be about 6 books to tie up lose ends. Although I’m starting to rethink Loving Khyrsolia’s placement in the Descendants of Edyn Series. I might have to remove it and make it a trilogy again. Huummm…

Until I figure it out, I thought I’d give you another story snippet from Death’s Lover.

Death's Lover, Children of Khaos Series, Stephannie Beman, fantasy romance, based on greek mythology


She turned toward the woman’s voice, smiling as young Fyla waddled up to her, holding onto her giant belly. “What can I do for you, Fyla?”

“Is it true? Can you see death coming?”

Lilith blinked, swallowed her fear and feigned surprised. “What do you speak of?”

“Everyone is talking about the man in your home now with Andral. He’s come to buy you. Says he talked to a priest who said you had the sight. That you could see death coming. Is it true? Could you have saved my Jyrel?”

Looking into Fyal’s bright, accusing eyes, Lilith knew the shadow of doubt had been cast over her. No matter what she said now, the village had already decided she could.

The events of her childhood would be replayed. Their fear would turn to anger with every death. They would soon blame her, until they decided that they couldn’t trust her and that her curse would be better gone from the village. They would either exile her or kill her. She didn’t want that. “I’ve never seen Death, Fyal.”

While the distinction between seeing the aura of death around someone and seeing the Spirits of Death was insignificant to most, they were very different to her. Death was a creature she never wanted to see.

She touched the pregnant woman’s arm. “I couldn’t have saved Jyrel.” Which wasn’t a lie. First, she wasn’t there. Second, his choice of that afternoon had saved one destined for death and stolen his life instead. There was nothing she could have done.

There you are, hope you enjoy! 😀