Working with Death & his Arch-nemesis

I wish I could say that I accomplished a lot in writing today, but I was way distracted. If it wasn’t by the list of things I needed to get done, it was other things. I blame it on my Distraction.

Kinda like the Writer’s Muse, only less helpful and more distracting. See below for details.


See?! How can I get anything done with that sexy man staring at me from the computer screen? It’s a good thing Lilith (the heroine of Death’s Lover), kept us all coming back to the story. She really wanted to tell her side of the story before the weekend and on top of that she introduced one of the sexiest villain I’ve ever written. Enter the arch-nemesis, which sadly I’ve no picture of.

He kinda took me by surprise. He was introduced in My Lord Hades, but had no real depth or part to play other then a distraction for the Underworld. Now he’s back and he has layers I didn’t know existed.

But he wasn’t the only one to add a surprise layers to the story. Lilith added a few of her own that I hadn’t planned on. And all this in the first chapter of the book.Hot damn woman!

She’s making me excited to write more. Sadly, that’s not going to happen until everyone returns to school and work on Monday, or possibly Tuesday. So I bid you all farewell for the weekend. I’m going to go make hamburgers and homemade potato chips for dinner tonight.


2 thoughts on “Working with Death & his Arch-nemesis

  1. How do you make homemade potato chips? Do you use something to season them? I’ve thought about trying something like that.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the layers these characters have. Sounds like fun!


    • They’re rather easy. Heat a fryer. Then take a potato and a peeler and peel the potato down as far as you can before you cut yourself (about half the potato). You can then cut that part of the potato into slices for fries. Fry the thin slices until crispy. But be careful because they go from crispy to burned very quickly. Take them out of the fry, drain off the oil and turn them out into a pan and salt (or add your seasoning). I cook the fries last or put them in the freezer for another day.

      I’m having lots of fun with them and I’ll admit the scene in my head with Adaman and Lilith kinda surprised me. In My Lord Hades he has not real part other then to cause problems and from the moment I introduced Lilith in that book I knew what part of what had happened between her and Adaman.


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