Planning, Plotting, and more Planning

I needed a break from my laptop today. The siren call of the Internet has been far too strong of late and my desire to finish the changes to this website has been distracting me from my work-in-progress. Only as this week has shown. My lack of planning on this website had lead to me editing pages in circles.Death's Lover, Children of Khaos Series, Stephannie Beman, fantasy romance, based on greek mythology

So I took the day to refresh myself. I started with website planning while watching Supernatural, then Bones. I have the basic layout of each page that I need to edit and ones I need to create. Then I filled in my calender for what I need to work on and when.

While watching Castle, which by the way has become my new favorite TV show because lets face it who doesn’t like a show with a writer as a hero catching the bad guys, I started scheming. Death’s Lover is going to be one of those books where I’m going to do a little more plotting then usual. The storyline is more complex and the relationship building take longer than usual.