I never thought I’d finish it today…

but I finally did. As of today the Frequently Asked Question section of my website is done. All the content is in one place and the page is coded for easy of use. It only took me all afternoon to do. And while I wish that it was finished, it’s not going to stay done forever.


Is it done yet?!

Nope. There will be those of you who will come asking questions and adding to the pages and linked post because they’re too long. So of course, I’ll have to play with the coding again and at that time I’ll probably curse those who asked questions. But the truth will be, I loved getting the emails and questions in the first place. I loved answering them and talking to you. So when you send more, I’ll really be beaming inside.

Now I better get cracking and start writing before my kids come home on the bus and I have no words to show for my day. Wouldn’t that be a sad state of events? Because I know there are those of you out there who have been waiting for Thanatos’ story since I published My Lord Hades. ( Yes, J. I’m talking about you and your numerous emails of support. 😀 )

8 thoughts on “I never thought I’d finish it today…

  1. Looks great!

    But I am wondering….how do I get that guy on your Keeping Mhairi to leave his modeling career behind to run off with me? LOL Just kidding. 😀

    PS Don’t show that comment to my husband.


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