Why can’t the story make up its mind…

and save me from the insanity. As much as I like visiting the less secure sections of modern psychiatric hospitals, because I have to admit that the people there can be very interesting and fun, I don’t want to rent a room there. I so don’t want to find myself in the white padded room for being a sarcastic smart ass and because I’m far too stubborn for my own good. There being far too many people for my anxiety.

Before anyone questions the above further or it become gossip of why I was there. It was part of my psychology class research and later during a volunteer stint in Canada where I needed to visit three of the “guests” there. I will say that unless I  rethink my career as a behavioral analyst for law enforcement, I will never voluntarily visit the criminally insane section again.

Death's Lover, Children of Khaos Series, Stephannie Beman, fantasy romance, based on greek mythologyBut this story, might just drive me too it. For the last four days I’ve been stuck on the writing of Death’s Lover. Now I could plow my way through it and force characters to do as I wish with chains, whips, and maybe the knife or two. (Is it frightening that I actually have those things around? Then again this is a Ranch and there is probably enough things around here that I could create my own torture chamber if I was so inclined.)

Anywhoo, this morning I finally realized why I was blocked and can I say I’m happy that I didn’t push on through it. I hate cutting out entire scenes because they didn’t work out and redrafting something because I was too busy to listen to my writer’s voice. I’d rather move a scene and add scenes to the book. Thanks to Ruth and my mom for their help because I needed to talk through it and figure it out. Plus they even gave me some good ideas.

Looks like I’m heading back to the beginning and set up the book more fully and then heading forward. Although what is chapter 4 right now will have to be modified and a part of the conflict between heroine and a ghost will move to a later part in book. So I’m going to return to work and hopefully get somewhere on this book today. 😀

2 thoughts on “Why can’t the story make up its mind…

  1. Sometimes stepping back from it and talking it out or even blogging about it (which helps me) gets things going again. I’ve never had luck when I tried to force my way through a story because I always had to go back and rewrite it. I’m glad you got the kinks worked out and am happy I could help. 😀


    • I’m glad too and thanks. I pretty much had a handle on the problem before I finished the post, but not how to fix it until after I talked to you. You had some great tips that I could work with. 😀


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