Writing Again

I always miss when I finish a book project and all the things that I let pile up while I was working on the book are now clamoring for attention. The list seems endless and I’m forced to go through the process of getting it all cleared away, along with all the other things the crop up in the meantime. Today marked the first day in three months I’ve been able to write.

My book projects for the rest of 2013 are as followed:

Death’s Lover – about 20,000 words into the novel

2014 Writer’s Day Planner – I’ve gotten some requests for this so I thought I might as well make it available to all. I’m looking for ideas from writer’s in what they look for in a planner.

The Indie Author’s Business Plan – It’s more of a work book and it might not be done for 2013, but I will try hard to finish it this year. 😀

Everything else is on hold until I get these three book projects done.