Hate being Sick, Organizing, & Haying is almost over

Still have the cold from Friday and as usual of late it’s kicking my a$$ and taking no prisoners. I hate being sick and unable to do more than sit on the coach and stare unseeingly at the ceiling. It pisses me off. So instead I spent the morning taking apart my office.

Over the years I’ve not only accumulated a lot of paper junk but also binders and accordion folders in an attempt to organized my space, book projects, and office needs. While this would have been great if it worked. It hasn’t. I have this annoying habit of not using the system I put into place. Most of the time because it is impractical or too unyielding.

While looking through and trying to figure out what to keep and what to throw or give away. I’m starting to think that I need a new system that doesn’t involve stacking everything. This “organizational’ practice doesn’t work.

I’d like to use what I have already and create a system that works for my needs. Part of next week will be about taking stock of all that I have and seeing if there is a way for me to create a system that I can keep using. Hopefully, I’ll find some things that work for me that I can share with you that might help you. 😀

As for haying, we’re coming to the end this weekend. Two small spots and then we’re going to stack it and then we’re done. Yay us!

Now maybe I can get some much needed work done. LOL. Yeah, right! Not going to happen for awhile. We’ll be moving on to fencing and then to cutting wood for the wood burning cook stove for the winter. Work is never done, even when I’m sick. Hope your Labor day weekend is more fun then mine. 😀