I wish people would figure out what they want first…

then let me know what that is before they get frustrated that because I’m not listening to them. As much as I love Pictionary and 20 questions, I’m not a mind reader. I can’t pick the image from they’re mind and know what it was they were saying or seeing…although wouldn’t that be awesome in my line of work. Seeing the perfect book cover for each author. No more trying to guess what the hell they wanted in the first place because they couldn’t use their words to tell me.

(P.S. As much as this might sound like it, this post isn’t a rant. šŸ˜€ It’s a glimpse inside my mind. Oh, so scary. LOL)

Didn’t we learn to use our words when we were toddlers. Anyone else have a mom that constantly told them to “use your words” or something similar, or is that just my mom? Maybe it was just my mom.

But back to the subject of being a mind reader. If I was a mind reader I could go in, see what a client sees in their mind’s eye, and create it. Yay me! Everybody wins!

Or do they. If you couldn’t control the mind reading power, it would be the suckiest superpower on the planet. Can you imagine the chaos of knowing what is in other people’s minds? I mean people’s lives are chaotic to me most of the time anyway, being inside their mind would be crazy. Then there would be the amount of mind-bleach I would need to be rid of some of it weirder stuff. Like fantasies from Twilight and Fifty Shades of Gray fans. Ewe!

Sorry, couldn’t help it. I’ve been wanting to use those two in the same post for months now. ;D But really, just thinking of some of my thoughts and having others see it…so not good! Not good at all!

However, if you could control the power to read minds, can you imagine the power and fear. Government agencies would come out in troves to subvert convert make you an agent. Of course, they wouldn’t trust you, so there would be the handlers whose sole mission would be to kill you if you appeared to question a mission, be sympathetic to the other side, orĀ become a double agent. It really wouldn’t matter if you’d change sides or not.

The Mind ReaderI could so make a romance novel out of that one! Woman mind reader and dangerous military guy. Or switch it up and make the mind reader a man and the handler a kick ass woman unable to fulfill her mission because he reminders her of her mind reading sister who couldn’t handle the strain.

Oo! Play on the reverse of that and make it Sci-Fi! Gotta have a little Sci-Fi romance, it’s what I write.

So what if there was a whole planet of mind readers and one person who wasn’t? What if the other mind readers couldn’t read her/his mind either and saw that as a threat because he/she could be hiding a whole load of secrets from the others? What if they needed his/her help and needed to subvert him/her to their cause? What if he/she was considered a threat to his/her world but seen as a necessary evil until they think he/she betrayed them?


Okay, now I have to get back to work on the revisions of my current co-authored novel. The old west is calling and life is about to be very miserable to two characters.