School is fast approaching

…at least it is here and I’m working hard to get my kids ready for the start of their first/new year. They’ve been begging for a chore chart and so today, why the youngest was away at summer school, I pulled up Pinterest, looked up chore charts, and told Tee to find one she liked. Holy Todo was that a bad ideas!

I didn’t realize that there were so many types and ideas. Tee wanted this one and that one and that and this one. After about an hour I convinced her that a chore and routine booklet would be the best for her. She could carry from room to room and it can be easy changed. What I didn’t tell her was that it was the cheapest thing I could think of to make that could be thrown out if it doesn’t work.

We worked up a morning routine with all the things they need to do before school like: make bed, get dressed, eat, brush hair and teeth, and put lunch in backpack. The chore chart consists of doing school work, helping with laundry, dishes, and their lunches, cleaning their rooms, and helping in the kitchen. Lastly was the bedtime routine with reading, washing, brushing teeth, getting in PJs, using the potty, and going to sleep.

Each task has an image attached to it for the little one that isn’t reading and for the older who is still learning to read. I’ll let you know if it worked out. 😀