Life on the Ranch, kids, & Change

It’s a nice day today here is Wyoming. Warm, slightly windy, and clear. It’s a perfect day to go outside and my antsy body is telling me that it needs to get out of the dungeon and breathe the fresh air. An open window just won’t cutting it today.

So I’m heading outside with my laptop and portable desk to work and have a change of scenery. I thought I do something different and take pictures for this post.

So here is my makeshift desk.

This is my cabin in the woods.

This my children playing. The blue buckets once had molasses licks for the cows. The water in the buckets is coming from the hose in the bush and is the run off from my laundry. And my kids, shockingly enough aren’t just playing in that gross water, they are water the plants, grass, trees and each other.