Lost, Inside my Mind, and not sure if that is a Good Thing

I blame my husband for my tardiness here lately. I’m not normally a TV fan. I rarely watch a show a week. A few weeks back he was flipping through the channels looking for something to watch and a show I previously ignored as too boring to watch caught his attention.  Upon leaving my writing cave office I had to stop to watch.

Lets just say it’s now two weeks later and I haven’t stopped watching the damn show. It’s worst then a soap opera! I can at least turn those off. This is like a soap opera on steroids and I’m hooked. He comes home at night and I’m glued to the TV as we watch two episodes before bed.

If you haven’t already gathered the show from the title, it’s Lost. A show that has been canceled for 3 years and went on for at least 5 seasons. So far we’re on season 1, possibly 2, and have yet to get to the point everyone seems to have grown to hate the show.

Now the point of this post isn’t to tell you to watch the show or give excuses on why I’ve disappeared. I just wanted to share my brain for a moment. (Wow! That sounded weird even to me.)

So I was watching the episode where Sayid (the intelligent, ex-military guy who is one of the few people I think might survive the island) tells Shannon (a girl who I’ve been thinking belongs in the category of too stupid to live) who is acting like the bitchy girl she’s been most of the show he loves her and I’m thinking what-the-hell!

I know I didn’t miss the seduction and lust of either party. But the love, I’ll never leave you vibe wasn’t even close. It seemed more of “I want to shag you because you are the least dangerous and only unattached woman on the island that’s not pregnant” and “I need a strong guy I can manipulate to be my island slave and feed me so I don’t die because I don’t want to do any work.”

For those who haven’t watched and later want to, I’m not going to give away any more than that, just that I felt bad for Sayid later in the episode.

Back to the point and the glimpse inside my head. I’m watching the episode and this thought pops up. If I was trapped on this island with no way off and the strange going ons, I want Thrasos to be one of the people. Everyone one else is a wimp next to him. Also he has mean powers of his own. The Others and black smoke monsters have nothing on him!

Which of course lead me through this whole scenario where Thrasos is trapped on an island with people as powerful or more so and he has one person relying on him for survival. It’s a work-in-progress and I’m thinking worthy of a short story or novella. But we shall see.

Now I want to get inside your head. If you were trapped on a ‘deserted’ island, who would you want to be trapped with and why? 😀