The Life of a ranching Writer and Cover Designer

I debated for some time on writing this post, but as they say “Seize the day” or “Never let fear stand in your way.” And I’ve been allowing fear to keep me from trying some new things. I’ve allowed fear to hold me back. It took a conversation yesterday to royally piss me off enough to say “Screw it, and it’s little dog too.” So here is a glimpse into my life.

Hubby took Friday off to hay and I spent all day yesterday in the hay field pitching hay–a fancy term for getting all the cut hay out of the corners, swells, and ditches. I took advantage of our early quitting time to cook dinner and get what I could done on some book covers before bed. I really think I was too tired to do covers, but I made the attempt. Can always correct things in the morning before I send them.

This morning (Saturday) I woke up a little cold from the cool morning air coming in through the open window, so I got dressed, stumble around for a bit wondering what the hell I’m doing awake at the ungodly hour of 6 when I didn’t get to bed until 10 last night, and got the water on for tea or coffee. Then I filled the bucket with milk for the calf I’m feeding. Princess Cindy (Cinderella) Maria is the cutest calf with a great will to survive. She’s also really big and I’m glad we have her in the lot right now because she could bowl me over with the swish of her hips. I don’t wait for the kids to come with me anymore due to the calf knocking them over the last few times.

Returning to the house, I pour water into coffee mugs and make a cup of tea for the hubby, who is taking advantage of the nice weather to sit on the porch, and instant coffee with yummy York creamer for me. (I so want more right now! I’ll be back!)

Okay, back.

Right now it’s about 7 am and Hubby won’t head out until 9 so its to the computer to get some work done. First order of business was to look at the two proof copies of the covers I did last night. They both looked fine in the light of day, but the one kinda annoys me, so it was back to the drawing board and my stockphoto lightboxes to find some pictures. By 9 I had another cover proof done and send the designs to the two authors awaiting them.

Hubby is heading out to stack the hay he bailed Friday, so I  went out to help him hook up the bail wagon and air tires before heading back to work. I’ll be home today waiting for him to return with a load of hay to drop off. The nice thing about the bail wagon is that it makes a nice little stack for him to put in the stack yard. About 20 minutes and he’ll be out to get another load of hay. 😀

Opps! I hear him coming. I’ll be back in 20.

It’s 10:30 am and one kid is sleeping off her excess tiredness in her room and the other is outside riding her bike. I was hoping to start the formatting on the fantasy children’s book I have to do, but the little one is requesting that I come out to watch her because she’s scared alone. So instead I’ll take the time sitting on the porch to plan my writing and designing for next week, then hopefully make a dent in my TBR pile or, if the mood strikes, start the plotting of Death’s Lover while waiting for the bail wagon.

I didn’t have the chance to login again until Sunday morning. I did get my next week planned, read one book from my To-Be-Read Pile and started another. Hubby brought in over four loads of hay before the rain put an end to our day around 3pm. The girls had a birthday party to attend around 6pm that didn’t end until around 8pm. While nice to visit with some actual human people, it left me too drained to do more than fall into bed.

I’ve noticed that many people do fine in small crowds 10 people or less. Some people even thrive in them. I’m not one of those people. I can deal with about two strangers and stay engaged and animated. Have more than that and I shut down. I’ll also go find a nice place to hang out and read a book. Or in this case, check on the kids multiple times and play Legos with them. Hubby will love it when my mom sends the girls my siblings and my collection of Legos this next years.

So that is a day in the life of a ranching writer and cover designer.