Having Creative Control

I love creating cover designs almost as much as I love writing stories. Sadly, the cover designs sometimes takes precedence over writing. It’s a unbalance in my life that I’m looking to fix. After all, my dream is to be a writer, not a book cover designer. The designer part is just a consequence of writing, not the end result.

That said, I don’t believe that I will ever quit either job. I love writing. I love cover design. They are both acts of creation and they are both part of who I am.

My favorite part of creating covers is when the authors give me an idea of what they want or what the book is about and trust me enough to give me the creative control over the design. To allow me the pick of fonts and colors, pictures and layout. Sadly, it doesn’t happen often.

Right now I’m working on an erotic book cover design and I’m having fun with it. Yeah, the author had a picture they wanted to have used, but the rest of it has been up to me to decide. The colors, the fonts, even the background and a series logo. I have to say that it’s looking damn good.

I know that didn’t sound humble at all. LOL

But as a confession I was a little worried at the beginning of this project that it would be one of those covers that I really didn’t want to claim later. There have been a few, and the only reason I’ve done them was to support my family and my budding career as a writer and cover designer. Also, I believe in creating covers that make authors happy, at a price they can afford to pay, because let’s face it. The life of a writer means little money in the bank and long hours with little reward other than our joy of creative control.