A World of Possibilities in a Drop of Rain

It’s raining here and I’m loving it. Loving the coolness after the heat of the last week.  Loving the crash of the thunder rolling through the valley. Loving the smell of freshness in the air. Loving the life giving water that greens up the yellowing grass.

Rain is wonderful for us. Living on a ranch means working more with natural world. We have to pay close attention to the weather and hope that when the irrigation water runs out that the rain will take over the watering of the hay meadows. Or ration it out so that it lasts long enough for the hay to grow, and enjoy the rain when it comes to help us out.

Originally coming from the Washington coast, I miss the rainy days. I miss the cool, overcast skies. I miss the lush green. I keep glancing toward my right to watch it rain.

The rain revitalizes me. Making me feel as if not only the world is being cleansed, but also my mind. I feel more awake now then I have all week. For the first time I’m able to work on my current writing-in-progress, from which I’m taking a break to write this post. Naughty me.

But it’s more than that. So many ideas come to mind during this time. There are the scenes for books. Pieces of characters sketches. Images for book covers.

A world of possibilities lie in a drop of rain…

2 thoughts on “A World of Possibilities in a Drop of Rain

  1. Hi Steph, i liked your post … quite refreshing indeed! I think that if one can nurture nature then you become an eternal witness to some beautiful things. The life giving water over the land’s inturn sustains our bodies … ‘truth’ meanwhile (entering our minds and our hearts) sustains us in more ways than we can imagine. Like a mirror being wiped clean of mist or steam, you were able to reflect upon and re-tune into your creativity more easily. Write on! God bless to all ‘life’ there on the ranch! D.


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