Last Writing Update in 2012

I hope everyone’s Christmas went smashingly. The kids definitely kept me busy yesterday. I’m almost looking forward to the one returning to school so I can get back to my writing schedule. I’ve been averaging about 1,000 words a day the last two weeks since I started writing early in the morning. Since the girls have both been here, I’m lucky to average 300 words. 😦

Today looks like a no word count day, except for this blog post. Kids woke way too early and with the pounding on the drum (a gift from their grandma), screaming, and arguments, it’s been way to hard to get into and stay in the groove. This post alone has taken me about 4 hours to write. I decided it was about time for a writing update, so here it is:

1. Keeping Mhairi

I’ve been updating the word count meter in the sidebar on occasion. For those who’ve been checking it periodically (LOL, yep, it’s so fascinating, it rates up there with watching paint dry.), you’ll notice the large word count leap from a week ago. The rough draft is moving along quickly for a novel that I’m having to do extensive rewrites of. William and Mhairi have thrown me for a few loops, including absolute refusal to play the parts written for them. Rather than fight them as I did with Prudr in Once a Valkyrja, I’m letting them have their head and seeing where they take the story.

2. Death’s Lover

This was the next book I’d planned to write, but Thanatos and his lover are giving me some grief. There seems to be a little problem of plotting the story so that I don’t have another f#@k up like I did with Loving the Goddess of Love’s rough draft. I’d rather let it sit in my brain and percolate some more then have to preform extensive plot reconstruction and rewrite surgery. So this book is on hold until I finish Keeping Mhairi or hit a bump in the road.

3. New Website

This site is coming along. It’s taken a bit longer than I thought it would due to being annoyed with the website themes. I’d like to pay someone to create a theme or do it myself, however I don’t have the money or the technical ability. Regardless I should have it up by the first of next year.

Happy New Year Everyone!

2 thoughts on “Last Writing Update in 2012

  1. You have my sympathies on the loss of word count since school let out for Christmas vacation. I finally cleaned up the house I’m selling, but even though there’s no more to do (unpacking, etc), it’s nearly impossible to get any words in when the kids are running all over the place.

    Regarding Death’s Lover, sometimes you just have to set a book aside for things to work out. I don’t blame you for doing that. You went through a lot of work on Loving the Goddess of Love.

    Good luck on surviving the rest of Christmas break. 😀


    • I lost quite a bit of ground, but have since made it up plus more today. Kids were sleeping over at grandma’s so I had a few hours before I had to get to other things done. 😀

      I hope the selling of the house is going well for you. Hopefully the kids will let you get some writing done.

      I’m not feeling back about pulling Death’s Lover on hold. I so don’t want to go through the editing nightmare I went through with Loving the Goddess of Love again. It’s best to put it aside and work on something else, then go back to it. Just means that Keeping Mhairi will be out before I planned and Death’s Lover will be a little later. I don’t think anyone is chomping at the bit for it, so it should be okay. 😀


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