Sanding the Road?

Hubby works for the Department of Transportation in highway maintenance, so in the winter he drives the snow plow and in the summer he fixes the fence along the Highway/Interstate and pick up the gross litter people throw out of their cars instead of throwing in a dumpster.

It surprises me that even when people use the dumpster, they don’t get the trash inside. It’s strewn around the can like the place is a landfill. Ick! Think of the poor guys and gals who have to clean that up. They don’t get paid enough to pick up poopy baby diapers, shit bags, piss bottles, dead animals, and drug needles.

Anyhoo, Hubby was telling me about his day and what they’d done. There was something about blading and my imagination being what it is devised a scene where these “oh, so mature guys” *snorting laugh* were sword fighting and playing chicken in ton trucks with plow blades on the front.

Knowing this wasn’t what he meant and that the only other thing my mind could think of was scraping snow off the road, and that it hadn’t snowed so that couldn’t be it, I asked. What followed with this long explanation about blading a road. Apparently it means that a blade on the truck smooths out the bumps in road after they chip seal it or do road work. Simple, yes?

He went into technical detail. Either he thinks I’m an idiot or he just really likes the subject of blading a road. Me, being me, interrupted him with a “Oh, it’s like sanding wood, only it’s the road!” Um, yeah!

End of conversation. 😀