I’m a writer, I write

Okay, it’s a running joke between hubby and I. It started one day when we drove past a jogger and the first thing out of Hubby’s mouth was, “I’m a jogger. I jog.”

Not sure why it was so funny. It might have been the straight-faced way he said it. Or possibly in the tone he said it. All I know is I almost choked on my raspberry Slurpee.

Can you imagine icy cold, blue Slurpee squirting out of someone’s nose? It’d be worst then milk and better than the burn of soda. *shiver*

Anyway, since that day the joke has morphed to other tasks and jobs.

When people ask me what I do, I’ve started to say in that same tone of voice and straight-face, “I’m a writer. I write.”

Some people don’t now how to respond to that, while others want to know what I write. It gets the ball rolling to tell them about the glorious job of an author *snorts* and about the cool romance books I’ve written to date. Talk about the best elevator pitch in the world. 😀

Other times I come up with something different. While at storytime at the library, (BTW, this is one of the best times to plot or outline. The little one is being entertained and I can still keep an eye on her.) a fellow mother asked me what I do. I told her, “I’m a mother. I mother.”

She blinked and burst out laughing. I wasn’t trying to be funny. I was dead serious.

How about you guys? What do you do?

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