Country Kids

Occasionally, I look through my news feed and read the funny, the bizarre, or the just plain fascinating. I swear some of those people think things up just to amuse us. Others have me laughing and screaming about the idiocy of some humans.

The other day I was shocked to see an article about the Mom who received a $2500 fine because her kid peed in the yard. First, wow! I didn’t know that they could fine children who are still learning over something like that. I can see a 20+ year old being fined for peeing in public. But a 3-year-old.

So after the laughing, sad face for the poor mother, and thinking about how I would fight that fine, I thought of my two dear daughters and hoped to God that officer never found his way to my house.

I was raised in the city. We use bathrooms there. They are usually easy to find

Moving to the country I learned that country kids are different than city kids. When they are out and about the nearest bush or fallen tree will work. Don’t have one. Never fear. Squat where you are at and go.

Think I’m kidding? My daughters, 5 and 6, are notorious for using the great outdoors as their bathroom.

I’ve looked up from a book to see them peeing on the fence, not an electric one, with a bathroom less than twenty feet away. I’ve walked out the door to find them sitting on the bottom rung of the gas tank, pants around their ankles, feet straight out, peeing. I’ve gone over to Grandma’s and seen them sitting on the fence by the road, peeing and waving to the cars driving by.

Did I forget to mention that modest isn’t in my kids vocabulary. I’ve tried to explain the appropriateness of using the toilet. Their response, “I had to go and the bathroom was too far away. Did you want me to pee my pants?”

I’ll have to think about how to respond to that?

So where do they get this propensity to using the great outdoors as a bathroom? Well, I walked outside the  other day to get a piece of wood for the cook stove and caught Hubby peeing on a honeysuckle bush. Umm….I wonder?

Note: Mom of the 3-year-old does not have to pay the fine. Yay for her!