Keeping Mhairi, a work-in-progress?

So work on Keeping Mhairi is progressing well, I think? It’s hard for me to tell actually. I’m either going really fast for writing a book, or really slow for a book I’ve already hand-written and typing up. See what I mean?

Although to be fair, I’m not just typing the manuscript. I’m rewriting it and playing code cracker at the same time. I think I wrote parts of this book while falling asleep or in the dark, because I’ve graded 11th English papers written by boys that were easier to decipher. Regardless of my obvious bad penmanship, I’m blaming the hold up on a quick type-up on the evil Ruth who planted in my mind that Keeping Mhairi should be a Paranormal Regency instead of a Contemporary Paranormal.

*Sigh* Okay. I can’t blame her entirely, and she’s not really evil.

The idea was intriguing and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to do it. Except the more I learned about the Regency period of history, the more unworkable it became for the plot. I originally had William a Scottish immigrant in the US who ran three cattle ranches for his brother in Montana, Texas, and Iowa. When I returned him to Scotland and made him manager of his brothers lands in Scotland, I ran into a second obstacle. Scottish history of the MacGregor Clan that William’s family belong to, Regency history, World history, and the need for my hero/heroine couple to manage a few things collided and imploded.

The ensuing mess isn’t pretty.

I returned to the story board for some reworking last night. As I see it, Keeping Mhairi is a Prelude story to the Descendants of the Otherworld series. It explains the whos, whens, and how-comes while being the break off point in the alternate history I’ll be creating. A history that was going to parallel our own until the 1960’s.

However, after plotting the story elements using my handy Story Sketch Worksheet and adding some more layers to the original plot and some of the characters, fleshing out the story nicely.Then looking for a point in history that would lend a fun backdrop to my needs. I found an earlier time and something else I wasn’t expecting.

I want to explore it some more before I announce anything more than this series might take quite a dramatic turn. I did find a place in history to put my precious darlings. I was going to have Descendants of the Otherworld Series take place in the US for the sole reason that I’m in the US and traveling to the places I’m writing about is easier than out of country. However, my original plan wouldn’t work because it’s really hard and easy to hid that many people and keep secret the Otherworld that lays hidden within our own.

The year will be 1912, before World War I. William MacGregor of Scotland will be living in the Highlands of Scotland and tending to his brother’s property while awaiting his doomed fate. His soon-to-be Blood Bride Mhairi is in a compound in Germany preparing to seduce Matthew MacGregor and enlist his aid in the coming war (not World War I). Of course, everything that can go wrong will go very wrong.

So the story will be moving from Germany to Britain, pause in Scotland, before making its way to Canada. While researching some of Canada’s history I found some fun facts that would make Canada the perfect home for the descendants of the Otherworld. Also, I’ve decided to alter some history to work with the story. Like boundary lines of some countries and the knowledge of preternatural beings walking among the human population. Something that will show up in later books as war spills out into the human population and humans try to contain the problem.

I’m hoping to have Keeping Mhairi out early next year, followed by Death’s Lover. But we shall see.

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  1. Evil Ruth got foiled by her own plans as well. One of the historical westerns has to be a part of its own “new” world instead of merging into a “world” I already established. hehe Sometimes ideas look good on paper but turn to crap as soon as you work with them.


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