Change in Writing Plans

My plans always seem to be changing, like sand with the incoming tide. I decided to do one thing and another idea pops up, something better, and I change my mind. It’s exciting and frustrating.

I thought I’d start working on Death’s Lover now that Loving the Goddess of Love is published, however, I realized that despite knowing the premise, having a rough story sketch, and allowing the story to simmer in the back of my mind for the last year, it’s not ready. I was contemplating the story, when it hit me that I was starting too soon, leaving large gaps that I’d need to fill. So I’m letting it simmer a little longer.

I’ll be working on Keeping Mhairi instead. The first draft of the book was written long-hand and needs to be typed. I also need to fix setting and do some research as it takes place in the Regency era and is the prelude to the Descendants of the Otherworld Series.

I’m also going to be taking some time to rewrite Once a Valkyrja. While I thought I could write a series involving one main character cover three or more books, I’m coming to understand that I’m not that type of writer. I like have new characters and places to write about. Maybe I choose the wrong cast of characters or story line to experiment with, whatever the reason Once a Valkyrja isn’t working. It just doesn’t fulfill my desire to write more.

Well it’s back to work for me. Talk to ya all after the holiday.