Lessons in Acceptance

I realized last night that I need to learn to accept what I cannot change. I need to change what I can. And I need to chill out before I give myself a heart-attack.

Every week I write out a to-do list of tasks that need to be done from a longer list and begin to work through it. Some weeks I accomplish everything on that list, plus. Other weeks I barely get through the first thing on the list.

I decided to give myself the week off after the hectic weekend of getting Loving the Goddess of Love ready and uploaded to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Meaning that I decided to not jump right into writing Death’s Lover because I had one of those moments where I realized I was starting the book too soon in the story and that it really need to start later or there would be this large gap of time that I would have to fill. It was a mistake I made with My Lord Hades and even Loving the Goddess of Love to some extent.

Monday and Tuesday were very productive days. I started with updating my websites and decided that it was time to integrate them into seemingly one website. So for the first part of the week I was on a roll, working through my backlist of non-essential tasks that I’ve been putting off.

I was riding the workaholic high. You know the one, where every waking second of the day is focused on work and what needs to be done next. People think your flighty because you can’t focus on other things with work rattling around in your head.

Everything unraveled on Wednesday. My eldest was sick in the morning and by afternoon it was clear that she wasn’t sick enough to remain home. The youngest wouldn’t leave the cats alone and kept picking on her sister, so I spent most of the day playing referee. Can I say I was one very frustrated and stressed momma by evening?

Thursday was worse. I had some design tasks I really needed to accomplish for two of my business clients and nothing was getting done. It took me an hour and a half to respond to an email that was probably three paragraphs long. I spent 30 minutes discussing changes Ruth and I are planning to make to a blog we created for writers and it took me four hours to finish a website background for http://selfpubauthors.com and 3 seconds for the kitten to erase an hour worth of work on the new header.

I snapped.

My house was a mess. My hubby was watching TV while the kids trashed the house even more. My adorable kids weren’t so adorable. And all I really wanted was 10 uninterrupted minutes to work.

Not my most glorious moment as an adult or a mother. But it did make me realize some things.

I need to accept that I was doing too much. I need to change my work habits and hours so that I can spend time with the ones that need me most. And I need to clean the house. I mean really! Unfolded, clean clothes in the clothes basket for a week is a little much. 😀

So last night I learned a valuable lesson in acceptance and figured out a new work schedule that my family and I can live with. Now the challenge will be following it.

3 thoughts on “Lessons in Acceptance

  1. Me and the kids have been sick for three weeks straight, moving from one virus to another and every single plan I had for work disentegrated completely. I’ve been miserable, pathetic really how miserable, and the last few days I’ve been telling myself that growing up means realizing my life doesn’t belong to me anymore. I can’t shake what the universe throws at me, I can only control my response and my reaction to it. But, really, it hasn’t sunk in yet and I’m walking around like a sorry grump. Sounds like you were hanging out here a little while. lol.
    Good luck, I hope it gets easier over the next few days, and that you can get productive in work and home soon!


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