Mommy Works from Home

I love my eldest daughter. She’s happy, fun-loving, and out-going. She’s got the personality that everyone just love. Some of the most interesting and bizarre things come from her mouth though.

While doing the dishes, I see her coming toward me and then stand beside me without saying anything. I kept doing the dishes, waiting for her to telling me whatever it is that she wants to say. I can see her bite her lip in thought, look up at me a few times and away, shift from foot to foot.

The 6-year-old isn’t known for her patience. Her sister is worse. She has the “mom, mom, mom, mom…” mantra down to an art and can even do it to other people “Trin, Trin, Trin..”

So the suspense of not knowing the thoughts churning in little T’s brain was killing me.

Me: What do you need, sweetie?

T: Where do you work?

Me: I work from home.

T: What do you do?

Me: I write novels.

T: Is that like books?

Me: Yes.

T: Fiction or non-fiction?

Me: Fiction. Why do you ask?

T: That means not true stories.

Isn’t she smart? 😀

Me: Yes.

T: So when do you go to your job at the Post Office?

Me: I don’t work at the Post Office, honey. I’ve never worked at the Post Office.

T: Yes, you do.

Me: Umm…I think I would remember if I did.

T: Maybe you have Anastasia like that girl.

Me: *laughing* Yeah. Maybe.

She walks away only to return a few minutes later.

T: I don’t want you to work from home, mommy, you need to work somewhere else.

Not sure what to say to that.