Is it just me or do other moms out there experience the same problem with their kids and time?

I mean, a mother’s life is crazy busy. All the little things, like cooking meals, cleaning house, doing the laundry, feeding the animals that the kids forget they have, cleaning up after the kids and/or pets, washing the dishes, pretending the pet bunny escaped instead of died from old age, etc., that make the house run smoothly need to be done. And there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day for us to get it all done and tomorrow brings a new list of things for us to do.

Then if you are a WAHM (Work at Home Mom), there are the tasks needed to make your business run and earn some income for the family. Ick! Just writing this is stressing me out and reminding me that I have three baskets of laundry that need to be folded and put away. There’s that book cover design that I need to finish. Still wondering if I’m part of that blog hop. Oh, and I need to fill out the paperwork for….

Yeah, I wish I looked like.

*Pause to add items to my to-do list plus some more, only to realize I need a bigger whiteboard, so I’ll write them in my day planner. For some reason a 13X20 something whiteboard is too small. Humph!*

So have you ever noticed that when you when you have all these things that need to be done, and I’m talking about high priority stuff that has to be done that day, not low priority items that could be done tomorrow or a week from tomorrow, the kids always need you.

I don’t mean in the, “Mommy, can you wipe my bum?” or “Can you get this toy from the top shelf?” But in the constant, whiny cry for attention way that can be so frustrating because there is no way to get anything done when the kids are screaming, fighting, wanting food every three seconds, asking questions and refusing to believe the answer, etc. etc. and watching the clock because you said just a minute and they will be back in 60 seconds.

This is the time when mothers either lose it or give up. There is no way to win against kids. They are like a force of nature tearing through life and they will not be easily distracted. And no, they don’t want to help you fold their clothes.

So if you are like me, you set aside whatever you are doing, praying to the work gods that you can return to it after the kids are asleep tonight and not be so tired that you forget to accomplish what has to be done before tomorrow, and spend some time with your kids.

If your kids are like mine, they don’t really want you around, they just don’t want you to be working. They just want to use you as target practice for their toy dart gun.

Sometimes I wonder if my girls aren’t boys. They prefer toy guns to Barbies. I blame myself.

Before the hour is over, they’re literally taking back the toy gun I’ve stolen from them and shoving me out the door of their bedroom with a “Go do something else. Anything else!”

Yes, siree. My work here is done. ūüėÄ


Now it’s back to my other work.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

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4 thoughts on “Is it just me or do other moms out there experience the same problem with their kids and time?

  1. Nice to know someone else has my life! And then people ask you what you do all day and all you can say is… um because there was so much going on but not much to show for it, except a house that looks like a tornado has run through it, and two little angels fast asleep looking like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths. But despite not being the worlds most obviously productive person I really love being a Mum!


    • LOL. Kids! Fun and crazy all bundled into one cute package. Hubby is always asking me what I did or if I ever clean the house. It took him being home one day to realize that mom can clean the house a hundred times but due to hurricanes T and K, it never stays that way. ūüėÄ

      BTW, how you are doing with NaNoWriMo?.


      • My Mum came around the other day and I was apologising for said tornado debris – and she said ‘Don’t you remember what our house was like when you were young?’. I always remembered it being clean. Hopefully my children will look back and remember the same – a high probability seeing as they are oblivious to it now…

        Still plowing through NaNo. At the gritty stage. Gritty eyes and gritting teeth… Such a glamorous life I lead!


        • I don’t remember my mom’s house ever being a mess. Even the kids’ room was clean. Then again, by the time she went to work we’d have the house cleaned for the night and were in bed. Even with 2 kids still at home and renovations going on, their house still looks clean. LOL

          I always feel the need to apologize for the house being a mess when people come to visit. Doesn’t matter if it’s very clear that the mess was created by my kids and not because my house is an actually messy.


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