Hades’ Lovers

Besides his many fans, the mythology speaks of two lovers of Hades: Menthe and Leuce.

Hades lover Menthe

In mythology, Menthe was the lover of Hades before he took Persephone as his wife. It is said in one myth that Persephone turned her into a mint plant out of jealousy. In another myth, Menthe protested loudly being put aside. She claimed that she was more beautiful than Persephone, and that Hades would return to her and banish Persephone from his halls. Out of anger Demeter turned her into a mint plant.

I changed her mythology in the Children of Khaos Universe to be a woman that Hades once loved

Hades lover Leuce

Both were mythical nymphs with basically the same story. Hades loved them, Menthe was changed into a mint plant by Persephone when she caught her and Leuce was made into a white poplar by Hades after she died. So I took creative license in changing their stories. Menthe became a love interest before Hades and Persephone get together that he almost kills with a passionate kiss. I made Luece his half-sister by Horkus. Then I tried to explain away the whole divergence from mythology by having the Olympians confusing the stories of Leuce and Menthe. Guess it might have confused everyone else.