Weekly Goals for 10/29/2012-11/3/2012

I’ve been wanting return to my goal setting and the best way to do this is to write my goals for the week down. I wanted to have this done yesterday, but the unexpected happened and we ended up spending the day getting calves ready to send to the calf sale, then remove a tractor tire that keeps going flat so my hubby could take it to repair shop today. Then there was grandma’s birthday so getting any work done Sunday was shot. So I’m posting this today and maybe next week I’ll schedule it early so as not to have this happen again. 😀

1. Writing the beginning scene for Death’s Lover…

I started reading through the scenes I’ve previously written on this story last week, it’s about 20,000 words so far and some of the scenes were written back when My Lord Hades  was being written. While reading these scenes I realized that I need to start sooner in the story  then I had. I need build up to the action better and flesh out the romance. I needed to give Thanatos and his lover a shared backstory that would come back to haunt them.

An idea came to me last week for an opening scene. Friday I started writing it and only got about 400 words done. I’ll be working on it the rest of this week. It’s not a scene that would usually take me so long, especially with it all thought out and numerous notes on my smartphone that I’ve been writing when the urge strikes, except. . .

2. I want to get Loving the Goddess of Love ready for Publication

My plan is to have this story out by the second week of November at the latest. I was hoping for the first week of November but I’m still waiting for edits from a beta reader. She has a busy schedule and I understand that, but I also know that you readers are getting impatient for the story, so I might just have to publish it without those suggestions. Which means it will be published in eBook format only. The print book will have to wait a month or so.

3. My youngest is still at home and…

To a certain degree I’m homeschooling her. She missed the school deadline by 10 days and wasn’t able to go to kindergarten this year, although she was more than ready to do so. My eldest daughter’s teacher last year agreed when I was volunteering in the kindergarten classroom near the end of the school year and she was answering the questions with the kids.

She’s been bugging me to learn learn her alphabet, so we’ve been working on it with her. I want to spend this week working on the letters of her name so she can write it herself. It’s something she’s just started to want to do on her own. So I’ll be taking time away to help her with it. I’m hoping to start teaching her to read by the end of this year.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Goals for 10/29/2012-11/3/2012

  1. Your goals sound great! I love the idea that Thanatos and his lover have a past that will haunt them. That kind of thing is very intriguing. 😀 Good luck on getting Loving the Goddess of Love out soon! And it’s too bad your daughter couldn’t have started kindergarten this year. I hope she doesn’t get bored in school since it sounds like she’ll be ahead of most of the other kids. I wish they would test kids to see if they’re ready for kindergarten instead of relying on an arbitrary date.


    • I’m liking Death’s Lover so far. It’s flowing so easily. Maybe this will be the easiest to write.

      As for the little one, I feel bad for her. She’s learned most of the alphabet on her own and now she wants to write her name. I don’t want to push her because she’ll be learning it next year, but I can’t hold her back either.


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