What I’ve been Working On this Week

1. Loving the Goddess of Love

I’m done with this book and awaiting the return of my beta readers notes. Then I want to read it one more time before publishing. I’m hoping that it will be out by the first week of November.

2. The Questions of pen names

After much consideration of the pros and cons of keeping my Anne Bheimon pen name, I decided to keep it for a number of reasons: First, my writing under Anne isn’t romance. It shares the same speculative genre as Stephannie, but it is speculative fiction.

What does this mean for you guys? There is a distinction between my works as Anne and Stephannie. Stephannie Beman is a writer of speculative romance. Anne Bheimon is a writer of speculative fiction with the occasional romance or erotic elements thrown in. So they write in similar genre (speculative fiction), but also in different enough ones that I thought I’d make the distinction.

3. Combining Stephannie Beman and Anne Bheimon into one website

Dormant websites bother the hell out me. There is nothing worse then knowing I need to update a website and not having the time to do it or having nothing to say. I’d rather delete, combine, or unpublicize a website than let it sit there.

I’ve gone through my list of websites and put together the ones I thought fit well together. I also wanted to make it easier on me and my readers to find the books I write. So for now my Anne Bheimon website is being shut down and the pages added here. Maybe sometime later it will be revived. But that will be sometime in the future.

4. Children of Khaos Books

For those who like the Children of Khaos Series and worry that those books might fall by the wayside, now that I have a shiny new pen name to play with, never fear. My main focus will remain with Children of Khaos series and my Stephannie Beman books. I’ll be releasing the occasional Anne book as I write them, but that name isn’t a focus for me. It’s more of a release or change of genre when I need it.

5. Death’s Lover

I started my outlining process for this book last week. Which means a little planning and writing. The story is about 20,000 words with the scenes from My Lord Hades that need to be rewritten in Thanatos or his lover point of view. A few days I realized that I’d started the story too late in the action, so I need to backtrack and add a few scenes.

6. The Internet

I’ll be limiting my time on the internet for the next month in the hopes of getting some work done. I have a few blog posts scheduled, but for the most part you won’t be seeing much of me.

Wishing you all the best of luck and a Happy Halloween!