Children of Khaos Series Cover Art

I’m a really good researcher and I love knowledge. I’m not always good about putting that knowledge into practice. 😀

I knew I needed to brand the Children of Khaos Series, but I didn’t do it. I did each cover as a stand alone. Maybe I believed the series would never do as well as it has. Maybe I was just being lazy. Regardless of my reasons for not doing it, I decided this weekend to put the knowledge I’ve gained into practice.

I started by redesigning the Children of Khaos Series cover art. Most of the pictures were good, so I didn’t change them, just cleaned up some of the images. I also synced the fonts so that the series title stood out better and not disappeared into the cover.

The only exception to cover art changes is the book Persephone. Since I have no plans to do any more less sexual versions of my books, but since it could happen, I’ve decided that Persephone will be the style for those books.

So here are the before covers:

And here are the after covers:


I’d love your opinion on the new covers.

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